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Industrial Park Bandit (MF)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

It was only supposed to be a simple coffee date. Granted I had met him on an anonymous hookup app and knew next to nothing about him. I turned down the road towards my favourite coffee shop, adjusted my sundress and checked my lip-gloss in the rearview mirror.

Tim Hüfner

I pulled into the parking area and immediately saw him standing by a big farm truck, nervously shifting from foot to foot as he scanned the area waiting for me to arrive. A bit shorter than my regular type, he was stocky with the body of someone who grew up playing sports or doing physical labor. Not buff like a bodybuilder but solid underneath a bit of a dad bod. We’ll call him R. I was charmed by his awkwardness, and after chatting for a few minutes he admitted to me that this was his first “date” in many years. A father of four, and a country boy through and through - he soon revealed that he was in the midst of a divorce. Typically I avoid a man in such a situation, as I don’t care for baby momma drama! But R was earnest, sweet and I figured why not give him a chance.

After chatting over a coffee for some time, we walked back towards our vehicles and did the classic first date hug. I pulled out of the parking lot, surprised with how much I had enjoyed our time together. Still I was unsure if we would see each other again, given the pandemic as well as his being a semi-divorced father.

Ding! Ding! My phone beeped with a cute, shy and sexy text from him already. We hadn’t even made it more than 5 minutes away. In a split second decision I pulled into a local industrial area between the coffee shop and my place and responded to his text with a dropped pin and the explicit instructions to meet me.

Breath in my throat I saw him turn in towards where I had discreetly (or maybe not so discreetly) pulled over in this industrial area. Before I could chicken out or change my mind I hopped out of my car, and skipped over to his big truck tucking my long legs in, sliding towards him and closing the door behind me. My hand slid across his chest and I slid into his lap as my tongue met his. He was like a man starved, touching me everywhere within reach. Ass, thighs, up my sundress his fingers hooked under my panties and felt my soaking wet pussy. Moaning & quivering in his lap I knew my willpower was fading fast - and I couldn’t fuck this

stranger in the front seat of his truck in an industrial zone - could I?

girl taking a guys pants off

His cock was rock hard, pressed against the zipper of his jeans. I couldn’t resist. Our mouths still intertwined, I slipped my hand between us and started desperately trying to free his dick. I needed him in my mouth. Sliding out of his lap, and popping my ass up I dropped my face to his lap. Swallowing his cock in a single slurp I savoured the taste of a new dick. It was deep in the summer of 2020 so this was my first taste in months.

“Holy fuck!” exclaimed R. “I’ve never felt anyone squeeze the tip of my dick with their throat before!” My lips were mashed into his groin. I worked my tongue over every inch of him sucking the base of his dick. I felt him twitch against the back of my throat and came up for air, briefly repositioning so he could work his fingers into my pussy while I got back to what I love. I never planned to be face down in his crotch pulled over on the side of an industrial road. Yet here I was - again. Taking strange desperate risks all thanks to my thirst for cum. It felt taboo as fuck to be face down in this strangers lap. I felt his legs shake as he neared orgasm, and couldn’t help but notice I had left streaks of pussy juice across his shirt and all over his jeans that were now pulled down by my face. I had made a mess of this man, and was proud as punch of my work. A groan started deep in my throat, my cum treat was cumming and I knew it. Doubling down on my cock sucking efforts had him painting my face and filling my mouth with one of the biggest loads I’ve ever had. It was a fast, wet, and joyously sloppy blowjob. Poor R didn’t stand a chance. I took a few extra minutes to lick him clean, and made sure that I hadn’t missed a drop of this tasty treat. Then smoothing my dress, I flashed him a smile and skipped back to my own vehicle - leaving him shaking and desperate for more of me.

Billy Freeman

As I drove away with cum on my breath, I smiled knowing I had just left R with a core memory that he would never forget.


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