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Just The 3 Of Us

girl with her legs spread in a split on her back
Image Credits : Oksana Taran

She had been chatting with them for a few weeks after matching on a dating app. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would actually be having a threesome. She had fantasized about it but didn’t think she would ever have the nerve to actually do it. She knew for awhile the she was attracted to women as well as men but hadn’t really acted on that attraction. Was she crazy to think that a threesome was the best way to test the waters? She had committed to it now and there was no turning back, as that wouldn’t be fair to them.

They met for drinks, hoping that would take away the nerves a little. They knew it was her first time both with a woman and having a threesome. They wanted to make sure she would feel comfortable with them both. She sensed that the he was just as nervous as she was but that his wife wasn’t at all. The wife was much more forward and not afraid to say what she wanted and what she wanted was to finally get to be with a woman again.

They left the restaurant and went back to the couple’s house and the nerves hit again. What was she doing? They sat down, had a drink and talked for a bit then she came over and just started kissing her. She felt her body respond to the feel of her lips and knew that this woman did too, it was then she felt her hand reach inside her shirt to grab her tits. She could feel the wetness on her panties now and knew that she was ready and that all the nervousness she felt was gone.

two girls with legs intertwined
Image Credits : Womanizer Toys

The three of them made their way to the bedroom, they had candles lit and music playing softly in the background. Slowly they started undressing her, one from the front and one from behind. Both of them touching and caressing every inch of her body. At the same time she was undressing the wife as well, taking her breasts in her hands and mouth, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. She couldn’t get enough of her soft skin and full tits. The three of them laid down on the bed with her in between them. He reached around from behind to finger her while his wife kissed her and played with her tits. She could feel the arousal building in her and wanted more. She made her way down the wife’s body kissing and touching until she reached her pussy. She hesitated for a moment wondering if she could do it and then just took the plunge and had a taste. She felt a shiver run through the other woman’s body and heard her soft moans, it only made her want it more. While she worked that pussy, the husband fucked her from behind so that his wife could feel every thrust through her. Finally the wife orgasmed and she made her way back up to kiss her with her juices glistening on her lips. They switched spots and she finally got to experience a woman going down on her for the first time. It felt incredible and she wasn’t sure how long she would be able to hold off on having an orgasm. Then they started to take turns eating her, she couldn’t hold back any longer and felt that gush as she let go and

squirted on both of them.

The wife really wanted to watch him fuck her again and moved aside so that her could drive his hard cock into her. She didn’t want her to be left out though she grabbed the wife to come sit on her face so she could eat her pussy while she watched her husband fuck another woman. She could see her pussy getting slick from her juices and couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste of her pussy. She could hear her moaning with every flick of her tongue and then when that release came, her cum dripped out of her and onto her mouth, chin and neck. She rubbed the juices over her tits and let them both have a taste while sucking on them and taking turns fingering her.

girl with her hands above her breasts
Image Credits : Dainis Graveris

They continued to fuck and suck for the next while, never leaving anyone out like they weren’t part of the fun. All of them finally spent they laid there, a tangled mess of limbs and body fluids. All she could think about was that hopefully there would be a next time either with them both or even just the wife. Now that she had a taste of being with them both she wanted more and to maybe even be a permanent part of their relationship.


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