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More Than Friends (MF)

They had been friends for years and always had a flirtatious vibe between them but timing was never right. He was everything she could want in a man, tall, dark, sweet and sexy as hell. She had always been attracted to him but was too shy to ever act on it. Lord knows over the years things had happened and they had seen parts of each that just friends probably shouldn’t have but she doesn’t know if she would have made the first move. Thank goodness he did though.

girl in bikini walking into a room with a naked man waiting to have sex
Photo Credit : LTim

She had been thinking about him for months, fantasizing about him. She knew she shouldn’t be because he was a good friend but she couldn’t help herself. Wondering what his lips would feel like on her, how his cock would feel inside her. There were many nights she got off with those thoughts running through her after some flirty messages back and forth. Now she was actually going to find out.…..

They started out kissing just to relax them both, slowly he kissed her down her neck, her breasts. Tracing his fingers down her body until he reached her pussy. He slid his fingers in, while sucking and nibbling on her nipples. She still had nice firm tits for her age and a very tight pussy. He took his time getting to know her body and learning to read her. He knew he was doing something right as her pussy grew increasingly wet. He couldn’t wait any longer he needed to taste her. With the first couple flicks of his tongue a shiver went through her, it had been awhile since anyone had eaten her pussy this good. He continued alternating between eating her and fingering her bringing her to the edge and making her cum over and over again.

girl sliding up on a guy in bed to fuck
Photo : LTim

She couldn’t wait any longer now, she needed to feel his thick cock inside her. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, sliding it in slowly at first so she could feel every inch as it filled her completely. No man had ever filled her this way and it felt fucking amazing. She heard him let out a moan when he was fully inside, her tight pussy grabbing onto every inch of his cock. He knew she liked to be fucked hard, so he pounded his cock into her switching the pace so she never knew what was coming. Then he flipped her over and rammed his prick into her hard doggy style. He smacked her ass so hard that it stung her skin and left a mark. She moaned and begged for more. He grabbed her ponytail and pulled her towards him as he thrust into her harder and harder, causing her to let out a little scream. He knew he couldn’t hold off much longer and slammed his cock into her one last time and blew his load.

Guy taking a girls panties off to fuck her
Photo : Roman Samborskyi

They both collapsed on the bed, spent. He put his arm around her caressing her body, feeling the tingle it sent through her with every touch. He made his way back down to her pussy and started to finger her again. It didn’t take long before she reached orgasm again and when she did he fingered her harder and faster until she squirted all over her bed. Seeing her juices flowing out of her like a fountain made him hard again. He folded her legs back and fucked her hard again, when she started to squirt all over his cock, her juices dripping down her ass that was all it took for him to lose his load inside her again.

woman spent in satisfaction after orgasm
Image Credit : Daria Litvinova

They laid there for awhile catching their breath, knowing that this would be the first time of many fucking each other. I guess you could say they were a little more than just friends now.


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