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Mutual Masturbation

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

girl with lingerie on masturbating next to her lover
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Mutual masturbation is something I have a lot of experience with (especially lately) since we have made the mutual decision not to procreate and hubby hates condoms. There is so many ways and options. "

When partners use hands or toys to masturbate each other and themselves. Mutual Masturbation.

Let's talk options; you have just your hands, an array of toys and there is also all the things that one can do with their tongue. You can still penetrate with your tongue and toys in all different areas of the body (unless it's ears… nothing bigger than your elbow should be in your ear).

Sex is more all about pleasure and I think knowing what you like is a start of that pleasure. Mutual masturbation is a great way to figure out all the things that make you and you're partner go tick. It can be out of convenience or as a way to build each other up slowly to reach an orgasm. It can be foreplay or after play.

Now the fun stuff... the toys. You know we all like doing it. I've had a toy for as long as I can remember and before that it was rubbing my pussy on the edge of the couch. But here are some fun ones I would really recommend.

  • Hismith Capsule - Hand-Held Premium Sex Machine With KlicLok System - App Control (I haven't personally tried this one) but this looks like a lot of fun. If you have the money for investment into a good quality toy, I choose this one. Plus it's hands free which leaves your hands free to do other things.

  • If you're wanting to not be so intense with the toys right out of the gate... there is this little gem. Roller Balls Massage Glove, Purple. These gloves can be used on their own but are best when used as a pair for a full contact massage.

  • Tracy's Dog OG Clitoral Sucking Vibrator 2 Colours. Last but definitely not least, there's this clit sucker along with a penetrating vibrator. "that slightly phallic Tip is ready to make love to your sweet g". I have this particular toy (in purple) and I would recommend it for couples play... or alone in your bedroom. OMG do I think you should get one. You know what, if you don't take anything else from this article just know that you need this toy.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say. If you're pregnant, if you're not pregnant, if you're two women and or if you're two men, or if you're part of this wonderful non-binary world of colour; I know that if you aren't practicing mutual masturbation you definitely should be. And about the ears... you can always play with them outside.


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