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My Ex’s Bestfriend

It had been about a year and a half since we had last seen each other on the day my ex was moving out of the house we shared. I was surprised when I came across him on a dating app and wondered what had happened because last time I saw him he was still married. I swiped right just to see if we would match and at least catchup. When I got that notification that we matched and received his message it made me a little excited. Even when my ex I and I were together I always had a great time with him when we all got together. We were more similar in personality than we were with either of our ex’s.

couple laying on bed with mans back facing
Image by Diego Lozano

We chatted and both agreed that we wanted to talk more and hangout. We made a plan to get together at my house in the next couple days.

He showed up at my house and I was nervous, I wasn't sure exactly why because we were just catching up and talking but I was definitely open to more. We caught up on what had happened in our lives over the last year and a bit and we’re just enjoying each other’s company. We had a couple drinks and the conversation turned more sexual, including talking about what it was like fucking our ex’s. Needless to say it had been awhile since either of us had a good fuck and you could feel the sexual tension rising. I found myself thinking about what it would be like for him to eat my pussy and fuck me hard. Two things his best friend never did. I do like it a little rough and needed a man that was willing to inflict a little pain with my pleasure. After four years of subdued sex and not having been fucked in far too long, I was definitely horny and turned on right now. I knew he was too, I could see his hard cock pushing against his jeans and wanted nothing more in that moment than to feel it inside me. It was almost like he could read my mind and said I would love to fuck you right now. We headed up to my bedroom, he slowly undressed me taking in all of my curves while running his hands over my body. I was already dripping, so when his fingers reach that sweet spot he could easily slide them in. I laid down on the bed as he was pumping them in and out, I wanted him to have full access to be able to drive them deep inside me. He continued to finger me until I came hard and then dove into me with his tongue to lap up my juices. I hadn’t had my pussy eaten for awhile and fuck it was good. When he started I told him that was one thing his friend had never done to me and it only made him want to do it more and make me cum hard. Show me what it was like to be with a real man than could take care of a woman’s needs. He continued to eat my pussy for what seemed like an eternity, pushing me over the edge over and over. Until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and told him I needed to feel his cock inside me and to fuck me hard. Slowly he started to slide his hard cock into me raw, teasing me, making me want him more. He flipped me over so that he could take me from behind and pound me hard and fast. Smacking my ass hard enough that I would be reminded of it the next day when I saw his handprint still there. He kept driving into me and I could feel him getting close. I wanted to feel my pussy tighten around him when he came so I rubbed my clit just as hard and fast so that we could climax together. Finally I felt his cock throbbing deep inside me and could feel his cum filling me up. My release came at the same time and I could feel my pussy envelop his cock and pull those last drops of cum from him. Spent we both collapsed on the bed and laid there for a few minutes, still touching and exploring each other. I reached over to stroke his cock and see if I could get him hard again, fucking him once wasn’t going to be enough for me. I could feel his cock growing in my hand so leaned over and took it in my mouth. I could taste the mixture of his cum and my mine still on it. He reached over and started to finger me again, when I was close to climax I climbed on top of him and rode his cock until we both came again. He ended up spending the night and we continued to fuck through the night.

When he was leaving the next morning we both knew we would definitely be seeing each other again. We still fuck when we get a chance knowing if my ex ever found out that we fucked, he would probably never speak to his best friend but the sex was too good for either of us to give a fuck and worry about what he thought. We continue to fuck regularly and both enjoy knowing he fucks me better than his best friend ever could .


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