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Neve’s Move - Girl on Girl

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

It had been a couple weeks since the encounter with Jules and Neve knew that she wanted to experience more but she wasn’t sure how to approach the subject with Jules. They hadn’t talked about what happened and Neve didn’t know if Jules regretted what happened between them. Maybe Jules was just waiting for her to make a move, she said she would wait until Neve was ready. She just wasn’t sure how to show Jules that she wanted to feel her and taste her as well.

girl straddling a girl on a bed both wearing white tank tops

Neve took some extra time that morning getting ready and hoped that Jules would appreciate the extra effort. She decided on a red bandage dress that hugged every curve and her red stilettos. She pulled her long black hair up into a high ponytail leaving her neck bare.

Jules had thought about that day many times and hoped that it would happen again, but she told Neve that she would wait until she was ready and she was trying hard to respect that. She wasn’t sure if she could wait much longer not knowing if she would ever be ready though. Jules noticed Neve as soon as she walked into the office that morning and how could she not, Neve looked amazing. Jules wanted to taste her sweetness on her lips again and hoped that she would get the chance soon.

Girl riding the back of another girl both wearing white tank tops

Neve walked into Jules’ office, closed and locked the door behind her hoping Jules wouldn’t notice. They needed to discuss a business trip Jules had coming up but Neve also planned to show Jules that she was ready. They were discussing the trip when Neve got up, walked around Jules’ desk and kissed her. Jules lifted Neve onto her desk, slid her panties down and spread her legs, Neve let out a breath when Jules‘ tongue touched her. Oh, how she had wanted to feel that sensation again. She dropped back on Jules’ desk giving her full access to her pussy. It only took a few minutes for Jules to bring Neve to the peak and drove her tongue into her when she felt her pussy pulsating and saw her cum leaking out of her.

girls in 69 position

Neve sat up kissed Jules again, tasting herself on her lips. She grabbed Jules by the hand and led her to the couch. Neve slowly unzipped Jules’ skirt and let it drop to the floor. Next she unbuttoned her top, realizing that Jules wasn’t wearing a bra and couldn’t wait to have those luscious tits in her mouth. She slid her top down her shoulders, running her hands over her tits, squeezing her nipples and finally taking one in. Jules let out a soft sigh when Neve started suckling on her tits and couldn’t wait to feel her tongue on her. Neve slid a hand down the front of Jules’ panties and easily slid her fingers into her she was so wet. Neve continued fingering her until she felt Jules tighten around her. She brought her slick fingers up to her lips and slowly ran her tongue on them tasting Jules for the first time. Neve wanted more, it was like nothing she had tasted before. Jules slid her panties off and guided Neve between her thighs, she wanted to feel her breath on her and feel her tongue flicking across her clit. Neve tentatively stroked Jules’ clit with her tongue, savouring every drop of her. As she got more comfortable Neve sucked and flicked her tongue across Jules, driving her tongue into her every once in awhile. She could feel Jules tensing up and knew that she was coming close to orgasm. Neve slid her fingers into her driving hard and fast until Jules came again and Neve could lap up her juices flowing down her ass.

Girl licking another girls stomach

Laying on the couch catching their breath, they just looked at each other and both knew that there was something more between them. Jules wanted Neve more than she had ever wanted anyone before but knew that being her boss made things difficult. Neve had never considered being in a relationship with a woman before but Jules had changed everything she thought she had wanted. Can they have the relationship they both want and stay working together?? They are about to find out.


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