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On Call - Girl on Girl

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Jules wasn’t always the easiest boss to work for but Neve loved her job as her assistant. She was basically on call 24 hours a day but the job had its perks as well.

She sometimes fantasized about what it would be like to fuck Jules even though she had a boyfriend. Jules had an amazing body, great tits and Neve knew that she had been with women before. That was a line though that she didn’t think would ever be crossed by either of them. Until that day……

It started out as a normal day at the office. Neve was wearing a low cut top, cute black shorts and her red stilettos. When Jules walked past her into her office that morning she couldn’t take her eyes off her. Neve always looked good but there was something different today and it made Jules horny. She tried to focus on work but kept imagining Neve naked in front of her and she could feel a little wet spot forming in her panties. Jules needed to get that thought out of her mind though, she was Neve’s boss but she couldn’t stop thinking about her. She pulled her skirt up and slid her hand down her panties rubbing herself while thinking about Neve. She knew she wouldn’t be able to fully focus unless she got this out of her system and relieved herself. Jules was so focused on fingering herself that she didn’t notice the knock at her door until Neve walked in and caught her. Neve quickly turned around to leave Jules’ office and pretend she didn’t see anything but Jules stopped her and asked her to sit down. Neve didn’t know what to say, she had never caught her boss masturbating before and honestly was extremely turned on by it. Jules wasn't sure what to say to try and explain the situation and just came right out and told Neve that she looked fucking amazing today and it turned her on so much that she couldn’t think of anything else. Jules apologized to Neve for her walking in on her masturbating. Neve was shocked and flattered that Jules was fantasizing about her all morning and said no apologies necessary as there have been many times I have thought about doing the same thinking about you. Jules slowly walked over to the couch that Neve was sitting on, locking the door to her office on her way. She couldn’t risk anyone else walking in on what she hoped was about to happen.

She sat down next to Neve and without a word leaned in and kissed her deeply. She didn’t know how Neve would respond but when she grabbed Jules‘ face and kissed her back she knew that it wasn’t going to end there. Jules couldn’t stop herself now, she slid Neve’s top over her head and unclasped her bra leaving her tit’s on full display for her to take in. She pinched her nipples between her fingers and when Neve let out a soft moan she couldn’t help but take one in her mouth. Jules, sucked and teased her nipple with her tongue switching from one to the other. Neve dropped her head back onto the couch, she wanted Jules to touch more of her, taste more of her. Almost like she had read her mind, Jules unbuttoned her shorts and slid her hand down the front of her panties. The moment she felt how wet Neve already was she knew she needed to taste her. She quickly pulled off Neve’s shorts and panties and dove in for her first taste. Neve couldn’t believe how wet she was and how amazing it felt having Jules between her thighs. Jules ate Neve’s pussy like it was her last meal. With each flick of Jules’ tongue Neve’s body quivered, each thrust of her fingers into her sent a shiver though Neve’s body. Neve felt like her body was going to explode and when that first release came you would have thought she did. Feeling that warm gush streaming out of her, she was almost a little embarrassed. She had never squirted before and she wasn’t sure what Jules’ reaction would be. Jules lifted her head just enough to look Neve in the eyes, give her a sly little smile and dive back into her pussy for more.

Jules managed to make her cum a few more times and then finally came up for air. She kissed Neve hard letting her taste herself on her lips and tongue. She whispered to Neve that she didn’t want anything in return today but when she was ready, she would be waiting for her.


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