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Second Helping (FMM)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

He was coming over just to help her with some stuff around the house and she knew he couldn’t stay long which was really too bad. It had been awhile since they had last fucked and she really wanted to at least feel his tongue on her clit but knew that probably wasn’t going to happen. He had told her repeatedly over the last few weeks that he needed to behave himself and not fuck her again. She respected that and didn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with his girlfriend, so was willing to keep things PG but would he actually be able to stop himself?

He had gotten all of his jobs for her done and she was wishing he could look after one last thing, her wet pussy. They were standing in her living room talking when her phone rang. It was one of her kids so he understood that she needed to answer it and he took advantage of that moment and knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop him. He got down on his knees, lifted her dress over his head and began to tongue fuck her while she was on the phone. Not only did she not expect him to be nibbling on her clit, she definitely didn’t expect it while she was talking to her son. The longer she was on the phone, the more aggressively he ate her pussy. Finally she got off the phone, he stood up his lips slick with her juices, grabbed her arm to turn her and pulled her into him so that his cock was pressed against her ass. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to kiss her, while his other hand made its way into the opening at the front if her dress to squeeze her full tits and pinch her already erect nipples. They were in front of her living room window where all of her neighbours could watch him take what he wanted from her and knowing she would have let him only made him want her more.

cunnilingus pussy licking

He took her hand and led her to the bedroom, once there he pushed her onto the bed, shoved her dress up and took what was his. He loved the taste of her and often craved her. He quickly brought her to orgasm but wasn’t going to let her off that easy. He continued tongue fucking her and fingering her until she came over and over again until she said she couldn’t take anymore and was lying in a puddle of her own cum. He wasn’t near done with her yet though, he got undressed flipped her onto all fours and rammed his cock into her hard. It was then that he noticed one of her butt plugs next to the bed, he eased it into her asshole and continued to fuck her as hard as he could. Her pussy was quite tight at the best of times but with the plug in her, he could barely fit into her. He knew she liked it rough and loved to smack her ass and pull her hair until she screamed his name. With one last deep thrust he exploded inside her.

He collapsed on the bed next to her, she rolled over and with a little smile asked if that was his best attempt at behaving himself because if it was he really needed to work on it. He looked at her and just said

I didn’t even try, I needed to taste you again and feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.

As much as he hated to dine and dash he did need to get going before his girlfriend noticed his location and wondered what or who he was doing.

side view of a girl laying on a bed with black panties on

As she was was walking him to the door she grabbed her phone and realized she had missed a call and text from another friend, he was wondering what she was up to and if she wanted to come over. The first thought that crossed her mind was that she would be fucking him if all went well.

She threw on some clothes and headed to his place not even thinking about the cum leaking out of her. They had fucked on occasion but she was never sure when it would happen again. She knew the moment she walked in tonight though that he was ready to fuck. Should she tell him she had just been fucked by another man before she came over or just let him add to the cream pie that was started?

It wasn’t long before she was straddling him on the couch, his hand down the front of her pants, stroking her kitty, while she grinded against rock hard cock, led them from the couch to the bedroom. The quickly got undressed and he started to finger her commenting on how wet she was already. Little did he know when he took his first bite of her cookie he was tasting more than just her juice flowing out of her.

It had been too long and he needed to finally have his prick inside her again, to ravage her from behind because she had a booty made for smacking and he knew that she couldn’t get enough of it. He pounded her hard, sparking her ass so hard that it stung and you could see his hand print left on her skin. He reaches around her torso, grabbing her nipples pinching and twisting them while pounding into her. He loved hearing her moan from the pain and it turned him on even more knowing that he was giving her that pleasure.

She toyed with her clit while he railed her, cumming hard, leaking out of her into a puddle below. Once he felt her pussy pulsating on his cock he couldn’t hold back any longer and filled her with his load.

Girl in red panties on top of a guy
Picture Credits : Dainis Graveris

As she laid in his bed next to him that night, she couldn’t believe that she had fucked both of them within hours of each other. She wondered what he would think knowing that he was her second helping of cock that night and that he got a taste of another man when he was eating her.


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