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Secret Fantasy (MMF)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

They had talked about spicing up their sex life and fulfilling some of their fantasies for awhile now but didn’t think they would ever go through with any of them. The talk of them alone was enough most days to turn them both on and had improved their sex life but now they were actually planning to fulfill some.

Lisa had always wondered what it would be like to be with two men, the thought of having them take turns fucking her made her pussy dripping wet. Kyle often fantasized what it would be like to watch another man fuck his wife, to hear her scream his name as she reached orgasm. What Kyle didn’t know though was that Lisa also had a secret fantasy that she had never told him about.

They had been looking online for about a month and finally found a man that peaked

Guy with a six pack standing in mirror
Picture Credit : Andre Taissin

their interest. Lisa did most of the talking with him getting to know him because Kyle wanted her to be sure she was attracted to him and wanted to fuck him. Dain was exactly what she was looking for, tall, muscular, 9” cock and also into men. Remember that secret fantasy……what she wants is to see Kyle fucked by another man while he goes down on her. She wasn’t sure if Kyle would be game but figured she wouldn’t know unless she tried. Dain was fine with only fucking Lisa if Kyle said no, so she really had nothing to lose.

They decided to go out for drinks and dancing, let them all loosen up and hopefully lose all inhibitions. Kyle encouraged Lisa to make out with Dain and was surprised by how much it did actually turn him on to see her with another man, seeing that man actually fucking his wife though may be a whole different story. Out on the dance floor they were all together, one man on either side, kissing her, touching her. Lisa could feel the bulges of both men rubbing against her and knowing that soon she was going to have both of those cocks inside her made her weak and her pussy wet.

It was getting late and they were all drunk and horny so they made their way to Kyle and Lisa’s to resume the party. They barely made it into the house before clothes started coming off. Somehow they found their way to the bedroom and fell onto the bed together. Kyle behind and Dain in front of Lisa, both men kissing her, touching her, rubbing her. She couldn’t keep track of whose hands were who’s anymore. Testing the waters, Dain also touched Kyle every once in awhile, rubbing his leg, arm and even his ass a little. Lisa moved and alternated between them sucking and stroking their cocks.

Dain grabbed Lisa and pulled her on top of him, sliding his huge cock deep into her raw. As she rode Dain, she stroked Kyle‘s cock while he nibbled and sucked on her full tits. Without Kyle noticing she had stopped stroking him and Dain had taken over. Kyle had a nice thick cock and Dain really wanted the chance to have it in at least one of his holes. He sat up enough that he could take it in his mouth and it was then that Kyle realized Lisa wasn’t the one touching him anymore and with that realization came a rock hard cock in Dain’s mouth. Lisa leaned over and whispered in Kyle’s ear to just let go and enjoy whatever happened next. Dain continued to suck Kyle’s cock bringing him to the edge of orgasm multiple times before finally letting him have that release and feel his cum coating his throat.

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Lisa told Kyle how hot it was and how much it turned her on to watch him have his cock sucked by another man and that her secret fantasy is to watch him get fucked by Dain while eating her out but only after Dain fucked her first and left him a cream pie to eat.

Kyle wasn’t sure about being fucked by another man but really wanted to fulfill Lisa’s fantasy. Lisa grabbed Kyle’s cock with one hand and slid it into her mouth while Lisa got on all fours and Dain slowly slid his cock into her and gradually increasing in speed until he was slamming his cock into her. It wasn’t long before Kyle was hard again and was about to explode when Lisa pulled his cock out of her mouth letting it shoot all over her face and chest. Seeing that was all it took and soon Dain shot his full load inside her as well.

Lisa laid back on the bed, legs spread wide for Kyle to enjoy Dain’s cum leaking from her pussy. Kyle got on his knees in front of her and started to devour her sloppy mess. Dain couldn’t resist Kyle’s ass up in the air and dove in for a taste.

Man and woman entwined
Photo Credit : Conscious Design

He continued to eat Kyle’s asshole while stroking his cock until he was hard again. He rubbed lube on his cock and Kyle’s hole and then slid it in slow until his full 9 inches were deep inside him. Kyle let out a moan as Dain slid his cock in and he could feel his ass tightening around it. Kyle noticed that Lisa got

even wetter as she watched Dain slide his cock into him and it only made him want it more to please her. Dain started with long slow thrusts but as Kyle relaxed they got harder and faster until he couldn’t hold back any longer and did one last deep thrust and blew his load inside Kyle. It was at that same time that Lisa reached orgasm as well and squirted all over Kyle’s face.

As they lay in bed after Dain left, Kyle thanked Lisa for exposing her secret fantasy and let her know that it had opened him to more experiences he hoped to explore more with men both with and without her.


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