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Dinner and Sex Toys, Oh my! (FF) Magic Wand Vibrator Exploration

“Come on,” Valerie giggled taking Emily’s hand. “I want to show you something.”

Emily and Valerie had been seeing one another for a few months after meeting on a dating site. The pair had connected over the cheeky little chain emoji they both sported in their bios. For the most part, it had been casual, with Valerie making the two-hour drive every few weeks when her schedule allowed her to visit Emily. The couple had fallen into a comfortable routine where the two often spent time at the museum and galleries together. - Yet out of dozens of visits, this was the first time Emily had finally made her way to Edmonton to stay with Valerie.

After a lovely evening over good wine and delicious food, Valerie’s excitement had gotten the better of her. After all, she had spent weeks planning for Emily’s arrival, and some surprises were harder to contain than others.

2 lesbians in bed in booty shorts and panties and about to embark on a sex toys journey

Only a few days before Emily’s weekend-long visit, Valerie had ordered a few sex toys to accompany their usual go-tos. The first item had been a strap-on, the second a highly-rated vibrator. And of course, a few extra bottles of lube to top the whole thing off.

“I got it special just for your visit” Valerie explained as she led Emily down the hall and into her bedroom.

Valerie pushed open the bedroom door to reveal the master bedroom. A fluffy grey towel sat folded on Valerie’s pale blue duvet. Atop the neat square sat a pair of pink handcuffs and what looked like a large, white back massager.

The toy was larger than Emily was used to seeing the few times she had perused online. Neither Valerie or Emily were prudes and since meeting restraints had become a fun addition to their sex life. As Emily approached the bed the vibrator sat imposingly on the mattress.

“What is that thing?” Emily asked.

Valerie’s stepped behind Emily, letting her manicured hands find the brunette's waist. Valerie slowly trailed soft kisses along her shoulder as Emily tried to make light of the situation.

“As in poof,” Emily chuckled as she picked up the weighted toy, playfully twirling it through the air. “Grant me all my wishes?”

Valerie smiled against Emily’s neck as she let her hands slip under the brunette’s shirt, caressing her abdomen softly.

“Something like that,” Valerie replied coyly.

Emily let the vibrator fall back onto the bed as she turned to let her lips meet the redheads. The women took their time passionately kissing as they slowly removed their clothes. Once their clothes lay discarded on the floor Valerie seemed to turn her attention back to the “surprise.” “Really?” Emily rolled her eyes with a chuckle as Valerie carefully laid out the fluffy towel.

“What?” Valerie asked.

“Don’t you think that is a bit overkill?”

Emily had used vibrators before. At least, on herself. In her experience, no toy had ever required a towel. It wasn't as if Emily made much of a mess when she climaxed.

“We’ll see,” Valerie teased confidently.

Valerie used the pale pink handcuffs to secure Emily’s wrists to the headboard, looping the chain between the bars of the bedframe. Spreading Emily’s smooth thighs, the redhead settled herself between Emily’s legs. With the toy in one hand, she braced her elbow on the young woman’s upper thigh while positioning the smooth tennis ball-sized head. The soft material pressed through Emily’s already wet folds before sliding back up to finally settle on her clit. There was a pause and Emily’s entire body tensed in anticipation. Yet, the wand remained still.

“Are you going to-” Emily’s words were cut off as the wand hummed to life.

The vibrations traveled up Valerie's arm, and deep into Emily’s sensitive cover. The brunette arched on the bed, as her wrists tugged against the bindings that secured her. The feeling demanded attention, forcing Emily to focus on nothing but the heavenly feeling running through her body.

“Oh, but you don’t like that.”

Abruptly Valerie pulled the toy away, cutting off the pleasurable sensation.

“Do you?”

Emily let out a frustrated groan as she lifted her hips wantonly to display her already glistening pink centre.

“Yes, I do,” Emily admitted.

Valerie pressed the vibrator back against Emily’s core and the young woman let out a satisfied moan. While Emily moaned, Valerie giggled, careful to keep the toy on Emily’s clit despite her thrashing. The pressure seemed to build in Emily’s abdomen until it reached a crescendo and pleasure flooded through her like a tidal wave. As the orgasm rocked through her, Emily could feel herself gush, soaking her inner thighs and the towel under her.

“That’s a good girl. Squirt for me,” Valerie moaned approvingly.

Emily cursed under her breath at the realization as she let her head drop back onto the pillow, letting the climax overwhelm her.

Slowly, the last ripples of pleasure seemed to finally subside, and Valerie clicked the button, turning the vibrator back off. She paused for a moment to admire Emily rosey-cheeked and handcuffed, with her dark hair splayed across the pillow. With a satisfied smile, Valerie leaned down to steal a kiss even as Emily continued to try to calm her ragged breathing.

“So, do you have any more wishes?” Valerie asked playfully.

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