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Two girls doing aftercare (FF)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

When you have hard sessions of pleasure you also need to learn to take care of your partner later. After all, the sessions are based on both of your agreements and should also end with knowing both of you are comfortable. Also, normal sessions can lead to what we call aftercare.

When I had my first experience with my best friend, she did teach me all about aftercare. We had a hot steamy evening where I would actually get a lot of my firsts done. I did eat a girl out for the first time, I did learn how to properly kiss with tongue, and I learned how amazing it feels to get an orgasm. After we both had reached heavens heights we were cuddling in bed and she was holding me, running her fingers through my hair while we were listening to some chill lo-fi playlist. She would ask me if I liked what we did, and I would tell her that I really enjoyed everything. That was true, I loved everything we had done that night, I told her that I would like to do it again and she agreed. We looked into each other’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile while a shy blush crossed my cheeks. Her beautiful eyes seemed to see into the deepest parts of me, then we kissed. First gently just on the lips not holding them there for long, but then we fell deeper and deeper into the moment. Our kisses became longer and more intense, her fingers moved through my wavy slightly messy hair and down my back pulling me closer like it would be the last time that we held each other. Our breasts slightly squeezed against each other, nipples rubbed against the skin, and her fingers moved down my spine. She reached my butt and started letting her fingers gently glide over my cheeks. This movement made me tingle slightly and I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss.

“I thought we are done” I mentioned, and I could feel her smile too now.

“Hmm we are unless you don’t want us to be done,” she said quietly “I just want to do you tho”

She added, and I just kissed her more, deepening the kiss and the relaxing feeling I had.

“I don’t mind whatever makes you feel comfortable” I answered and there weren’t more words than that needed. Kissing me deeply one last time she stood up and went to the bathroom to get the bathtub ready. Placing in a nice, scented bath bomb and even lit some candles before she came back and carried me placing me gently down in the warm water and then got in behind me one of her legs on either side of me.

You see aftercare doesn’t mean that you can’t get another touch or kiss from each other, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give each other another orgasm. It just means that you do what both of you want and need to do, relax calm down, and just enjoy the moment. It’s often a complete contrast to what happened before and is often used to calm down and show love and care after a rough BDSM session.

Once we were both comfortable and cozy in the bath with me leaning onto her, I received a shoulder massage. Her fingers squeezed out every tension that was left in me as I gave some happy peaceful sights. Enjoying the moment and letting my body relax completely. We let the minutes fly by as some small kisses were placed on my shoulders and her hands wandered further down and around my waist until she hugged me pulling me even closer between her legs and I could feel her boobs pressing into my back. Then her right hand went exploring again while I leaned my head back and onto her shoulder closing my eyes, I knew where this was going, and I couldn’t be happier.

My best friends’ fingers ran slightly over my thighs, the muscles sore from holding me up in doggy earlier while she had been pounding me with a strap-on. I shivered under the touch and could hear her giggling gently. She took the shivering as a sign that I couldn’t wait anymore. So, her fingers continued on the journey and soon found my pussy lips still puffy from the previous orgasms and the new round of excitement. She didn’t hesitate and spread her index and middle finger apart from each other creating a “V” shape, so that it would it perfectly around my pussy, and started an up-and-down motion, pushing together my lips every time she pulled up. Fuck it felt so good. This position allowed her to please both the clit and the lips. Which is important as everything on the pussy is an erogenous zone and should be pleased. Her rubbing became more intense and so did my breathing. It was such a loving and relaxing movement especially as her other hand moved to gently squeeze and play with my tits. With this I felt that I got closer and closer to a nice orgasm but knowing I had enough time to enjoy this feeling more. Her middle finger eventually got switched out with the ring finger still keeping the same movement but by adding the middle finger to the clit she knew I liked to cum with my clit as that gave me harder orgasms. It worked I could feel the orgasm building up to the point I couldn’t take it anymore and let her know by moaning gently as my breath formed into long husky gasps. There it was, it didn’t take me another minute to feel the explosion of pleasure going through my body as the orgasm pules through it, another few rubs were made before she pulled away and just held me, we both enjoying the quietness and living lights of the candles. It took us another 30 minutes to finish our bath and get out drying up with our cuddly towels and then heading to the living room to watch a movie before bed.

This is our way of aftercare. Maybe yours is different it always depends on the partner, but we love our way and you can feel free to try out our method, but be warned it will take up a whole evening full of pleasure, cuddles, love, and even more pleasure.


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