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The Good Girl (FF)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The clock struck eleven as Cynthia crossed and uncrossed her legs while sitting in the high-backed throne in her living room. She was already dripping at the prospect of what she knew awaited her in the next few moments, and she smiled with wicked satisfaction before taking a sip from a shot glass filled with well-aged brown liquor. She was dressed for the occasion, a long red dress hanging from spaghetti straps around her slim shoulders. Beneath the thin, almost liquid fabric, her long legs were encased in black fishnets, which led to black stiletto heels where her perfectly manicured feet rested. She looked as though she could be ready for a night out, but her interests lay indoors on this particular evening.

She felt a gentle buzz from her phone, and shivered with lust as she read the message from Alice flash across the screen.

"I'm here, Mistress."

Cynthia grinned as she typed her reply.

"Good girl. The door is unlocked. Enter, and present yourself upon your special seat."

She had met Alice by chance at a bar not long ago. The pretty little thing had been sitting alone, being hounded by men who seemed not to care about her obvious disinterest or defensive body language. Like any good citizen, Cynthia had interjected herself into the small talk the girl had been trying to avoid, sitting right next to her and shooing the men away.

The physical differences between the two women had been obvious, but that was just how Cynthia liked it. Where she was nearly 5'10", and over 6 feet in heels, Alice was barely a shade over 5'2", and might have weighed 120 pounds dripping wet. While Cynthia had curves for days, breasts that she loved to show off, and a figure straight out of a pin-up magazine, Alice was petite and possessed a body more fitting of the school cheerleader who would be an easy choice for the top of the pyramid.

After some timid initial conversation, the two had gotten to know each other better over a few more drinks. Alice was a graduate student studying psychology at the local university, but her true study lately had been herself. Cynthia could tell she was a shy submissive from a mile away, but when Alice let it slip that she had occasionally fantasized about girls, Cynthia knew there was no way she could let this pretty little thing leave that night without her number.

That had been seven days ago. What begun as innocent text messages throughout the week had quickly turned more sexual, and by Wednesday night Cynthia had Alice playing with herself in her bed, ignoring every other text as she desperately rubbed her little pussy. By friday, Cynthia knew it was time to take the next step.

Cynthia took another sip of her liquor as she brushed her dark, curly locks from her eyes. She looked like a queen on her throne, and her servant would soon sit upon her special device she used specifically for curious, inexperienced girls.

Alice walked in, wearing nothing but a long, dark coat. The moment she was in view of Cynthia, she did as the older woman had instructed.

She turned around, facing away from her queen, and disrobed as Cynthia watched. The coat fell to the floor in a pile as her entirely nude body was revealed underneath, and Cynthia smiled as she drank in every soft, petite curve, from her handful size breasts, to her narrow waist, to the perky, tight little cleft between the globes of her ass. She was the picture of youthful, delicious femininity, and it made Cynthia's pussy simply begin to flood as she watched. In silence, Alice turned around, getting to her knees and crawling on all fours to her Mistress's throne.

In front of Cynthia was a black saddle-shaped device, with a large, vibrating dildo protruding from the top. Cynthia indicated to the device, uttering only a single word from her seat.


There was no confusion over where, or how Alice should sit. Without hesitation, the younger girl straddled the device, and, finding the dildo already lubricated, gently slid the phallus into her pretty pink folds, gasping as she felt the sudden fullness and gentle stretch that accompanied being penetrated.

"Tonight, you do exactly as you are instructed. You follow my every direction to the letter, and leave the decision-making to me. Good girls get rewarded beyond their wildest expectations. You want to be a good girl for me, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress," breathed Alice.

Cynthia picked up a nearby remote, and pressed a single button. The saddle hummed to life, the vibration causing Alice to yelp in surprise before letting out a gentle moan as the dildo did its job.

Cynthia leaned back, relaxing in her seat as she pulled up her dress. Beneath, she was completely nude, save for a metal device adorning her sex, which kept the folds of her cunt spread and open. Her swollen clit was on full display, ready to be the focus of Alice's worship for the evening. Her scent began to permeate the room as her nectar glistened with her anticipation.

"Worship, my sweet little slut. Lower your tongue to my pussy, and show me what kind of obedience I can expect tonight."

Alice, stunned by the sight of Cynthia's open, exposed pussy, presented as it was for her tongue, could do nothing but obey. She leaned forward, using her hands for support, and lowered her tongue directly to Cynthia's clit, tasting her mistress for the first time. The intensity of the moment was overwhelming, and she moaned as her tongue made contact with that soft, tangy flesh, her own growing wetness running down the base of the dildo that tirelessly hummed in her dripping little pussy.

Cynthia leaned back, spreading her knees wider and pushing the girls face deeper into her sacred crevice, her fingers twisting in her hair as she took hold of her.

"That's it…oh fuck…yes…show me your devotion."

The older woman moaned with lust, savoring every flick and movement of the girl's tongue as she began to accept her place when in the presence of her new Goddess. Cynthia turned the dial on her remote to a stronger setting, and laughed inwardly as she felt the girls body tense and shudder with pleasure, and her tongue begin to work more feverishly.

"That's it my little slut. Worship Mommy's clit. Taste Mommy's honey. This is where you belong - I knew it from the moment we spoke. Nothing feeds your sexual soul like being on your knees before a Goddess like me, praying at my altar."

Cynthia began to move Alice's head more deliberately, dragging the girl's tongue up and down her slit, making sure she tasted every inch of her, before lingering on her exposed, swollen clit. She ground her hips upward, fucking the girl's face as the dildo did It's job, paralyzing her body with pleasure as she worked.

The anxiety Alice had felt as she had driven over had melted away, replaced only by a desperate need to serve. It was difficult, if not impossible, for her to even form a coherent thought as she licked dutifully at her Queen's pussy. There was too much pleasure. Too much fulfillment. She found herself only wishing to satisfy and please her Mistress for the sake of being the good girl she desperately needed to be.

Cynthia could feel the change in the girl, and moaned to herself as she detected any hint of resistance fade, and the girl give in to her deepest carnal needs. She stood up, hiking her dress up and letting one leg push forward through the slit in the material, so that she was almost in a lunging position over her slut's face as she crept closer and closer to the precipice of orgasm. Cynthia began to buck her hips, grinding her cunt on the girl's mouth as she turned the vibration up yet another notch, and she gritted her teeth as she felt the little slut begin to focus all her attention on her clit.

"That's it, my little slut. Worship. Lick. Taste me. Taste all of me. Feel the submission running down your thighs, and the physical bliss I can give you when you behave as Mommy instructs."

Alice's knees trembled as the dominant woman spoke, and she felt herself creeping closer and closer to an orgasm she knew would have no equal thus far in her life. She couldn't have resisted if she wanted to, the aroma of her Queen overwhelming her nostrils, while her flavor was heavy on her lips. Everything about the pleasure she was feeling was rooted in her service to this woman who had turned her life upside down in the short time she'd known her, and she knew that when she finally reached the point of no return, she was going to be utterly and completely addicted to her.

Cynthia felt her own orgasm approaching, and she angled her pelvis just right, so that her clit ground the length of Alice's extended tongue.

"I'm close…so close my slut. That's it. Show me your purpose. Show me what you truly need."

The insistence of Alice's tongue increased at her words, and Cynthia let out an animalistic growl of victory as she let the girl push her over the edge. Wave after wave of crashing pleasure washed over her, and she delighted in making sure the flood of nectar coated the girl's face as she spasmed, giving her a sort of badge of honor for a job well done. As she began to recover from her sexual earthquake, she turned the vibration to its maximum for her slut, and told her the magic words.

"Cum for me, slut. Cum RIGHT. NOW. With my cunt soaking your face and your body trembling from my control. CUM FOR YOUR MISTRESS."

Alice couldn't have resisted even if she wanted to. With a squeal, and a series of high-pitched moans, she felt the dildo forcefully fuck her orgasm out of her, tremors and shakes rippling through her body as she felt the toy send her into outer space. Shocks of white hot pleasure rippled through her, radiating from her deepest sexual core as she felt her Mistress control her pleasure to perfection. Nothing could possibly compare to this. Nothing she had ever experienced with a man had ever been half as good as what she felt when her Goddess gave her permission to release.

When she could tell she'd come back down to earth, Cynthia switched off the toy, and stepped back from her slut, pulling her dress with it. With a sudden ferocity, she reached down, taking the girl by her throat, and gently lifted her to her quivering feet before delivering a deep, sensual kiss on her lips. She savored her own flavor as the girl helplessly allowed her tongue to probe unresisted in her mouth, moaning helplessly as the dominant woman took what she now freely offered.

"This is only the beginning, slut. On your knees - follow me to my bedroom."

Without hesitation, Alice got to her hands and knees, crawling at her Mistresses side down the hallway, unsure of what deliciously filthy experiences were yet to come, but knowing she would be a good girl, forever.


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