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Eva paused for a moment as she glanced over the details of the realistic torso on her bed.

Sheโ€™d been careful to lay a blue towel out under the sex doll and the skin contrasted starkly against the material.ย 

The torso could be used in two ways; through the working anus or the six-inch member which stood proudly at attention.ย 

male muscular torso

For Eva, it had been the long, beautiful cock that had drawn her attention, and at the perfect angle for riding. It was going to take some preparation before Eva would be able to easily take her new toy.

Of course, she was a smart woman and she had already planned ahead of time. Evaโ€™s go-to had always been a cordless wand and tonight she hoped it would help get her ready for the long shaft.

Eva made her way onto the bed, positioning herself on all fours so she was facing the six-inch cock. Propped up on her elbows, with one hand between her thighs, she pressed the soft head of the wand against her clit, clicking the vibrator on. As it buzzed to life, Eva gasped softly as her free hand reached for the solid shaft.

The toy slipped between her lips, muffling Evaโ€™s moans as she rocked her hips against the vibrator wantonly.

As she sucked and bobbed along the length of the member, her core only seemed to grow wetter as the vibrator buzzed away. Eva happily pushed the cock deeper into her throat, her eyes squeezing shut as she gagged and coughed around the thick member. She let her spit drip onto the toy as she finally let the rod fall from her mouth.

Eva got to her knees, shuffling closer to the erect cock, keeping the vibrator flush against her centre. With her free hand, she grabbed the nearby bottle of water-based lubricant, squirting a stream of clear liquid over the shaft of the sex doll. While biting back her own moans, Eva began to coat the entire length of the cock in the slick lubricant.

Finally, once both she and the sex doll were ready, Eva straddled the toy, using one hand to line the head of the member up with her opening. She lowered down slowly, feeling the shaft glide inside her smoothly.

The redhead slowly began to bounce her hips, easing herself down further each time as she stretched to accommodate the toyโ€™s size. Eva kept her left elbow locked, propping herself up off the bed while she bounced, while the other hand was mindful to keep the vibrator again her clit.

With each movement, Evaโ€™s moans became louder and her core became wetter as she fucked the slick member and vibrations resonated into her most sensitive bundle of nerves.ย 

Eva ground her hips down against the sex doll finally taking the entire length as she cried out. Each sensual gyration rubbed the head of the toy against her G-spot and her climax suddenly threatened to overtake her.

Eva quickly changed pace, trying to slow its approach, she resumed bouncing along the long, solid shaft. Each bounce seemed to hit deep inside her as her inner muscles gripped tightly around the textured toy.ย 

God, this thing was fun,ย Eva thought as she gushed around the toy.


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