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Squirting - A How To - Partner Edition

Squirting is not always a gushing fountain-like triumph as is typically depicted in porn. Female ejaculation manifests in various ways - gushing, dripping, trickling, flowing and so on. So take all expectations off yourself, and your beautiful pussy (or your partners) and settle in to enjoy the journey.

Squirting orgasms can also feel differently than clitoral orgasms. Building up to a squirting orgasm, for me, feels like I’m about to lose control - in my younger years I would always ease off, or have my partner ease off out of discomfort and fear for what would happen. It wasn’t until I had a partner with whom I was truly able to relax and trust - that I had my first squirting orgasms. This is why I always recommend open communication with your partner(s)! Have conversations about your fantasies, kinks, things you want to try - all of it! Even before you make it to the bedroom, hype each other up, find out what your hard no’s are - and set up a safe word! That way in the heat of the moment if you begin to feel overwhelmed you can quickly and easily communicate that you need to press pause or even stop altogether.

For me personally - a squirting orgasm feels almost like a balloon popped suddenly from which the liquid is gushing out. Yet I’ve heard from other women that it’s more of a continuous trickle, or rather a leaking feeling. So consider this another friendly reminder to take any expectations off of your pussy, and orgasms!

couple entangled
Picture Credits : Alexander Krivitskiy

One of my personal favorite positions to get juicy with a partner is on my back, legs in the air, on the edge of the bed (or even the corner)! This typically allows my partner to maintain control, and experiment with degrees, angles, intensities - all while watching my face and body - which makes for a great visual experience for them. Not to mention it allows for continued communication which always leads to better sex, and more orgasms. The notorious “G Spot” is supposedly the holy grail of squirting orgasms and this position allows my partner to freely (and deeply) explore this part of my body while also allowing the freedom for either of us to include some clit or nipple play. This is just one approach - another position that leads to juicy squirting sessions is doggy style. The freedom to experiment, adjust, and alter the way your partner is penetrating you by widening your knees, dropping to your forearms or raising your body upwards - are all fantastic ways to explore with G-spot stimulation with a partner! So drop your expectations at the door, get wet, wild and have fun learning to squirt!


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