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The Plunge (Part 3) Diving In

He felt some guilt about what they had done last week but he can’t resist her and when he tries to it only makes him want her more. He knows that she will give him everything that he missing. They have an intense connection and it’s more than just sexual.

naked girl holding her leg
Photo Credit : Alexander Krivitskiy

Seeing her everyday and wanting every part of her mind, body and soul is taking over him. They sneak little touches when nobody can see and exchange dirty messages throughout the day. Their mutual desire grows with every glance, every touch.

She has taken to the role of submissive quite well, which pleases him. She wants her body to be his, to be his toy. Knowing that makes him want her even more, need her more. Every time he touches her and can feel the shivers that pulse through her body and transfer to his, it almost makes him weak. He is the dominant one but sometimes it is almost like his desire for her dominates him. But that will change once they are together again, he plans to take her fully and make sure she knows she belongs to him.

They have made plans to spend the night together one day this week and the anticipation of having the whole night to explore each other and fulfill their desires is almost too much for them both. She knows that after that night her body will no longer be her own but belong to him and just thinking about it makes her whole body tingle. She has gotten something special to wear for him that will tie her up in a silky red bow. She hopes he enjoys unwrapping his gift at some point before he devours every inch of her body. This night won’t be just about the sex though, it will be about the complete connection that they have.

With the sexual tension growing again throughout the week she finds the only way she can sleep is with relieving herself of some of it until he is able to do it for her. She uses the Satisfyer Pro 1+ and has never experienced orgasms that intense ever before. Thinking about him and imagining that it is his mouth on her as she cums over and over again soaking through her sheets.

Finally the day has come, he meets her at work early so that they can sneak a kiss in the car and because she was a good girl and wore a skirt with no panties as she was told, he slipped his fingers into her for a quick taste to remind him of the sweetness he will be getting that night. The day seems like it is dragging, he comes by her desk and whispers to her what he is going to do to her when he has her alone, grabs a handful of hair and gives it a tug to let her know who is in charge. She has a constant reminder of how much she wants him with the wetness in her panties, it takes everything in her not to go to the bathroom and finger herself to get a little release.

They barely make it in the door and drop their bags before he grabs her, kisses her and holds her tight. When she takes off her sweater he can’t help but just stare. She is wearing a sexy red bra that ties across her full tits and matching panties that have a bow across in the back as well. They make their way to the couch where she straddles him, wanting to feel his cock against her and so that he has full access to her tits to play and suck. His hands move down her body and slowly making their way to her pussy. She had been telling him all day how turned on and wet she got just from thinking about him but he didn’t believe her until he could feel the dew soaking through her panties and knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

They made their way to his bedroom where he finally unwrapped her slowly, running his hands over her body and taking in every curve. He loves how she shivers at the slightest touch knowing that he has that much power over her body. He took a tie that he had set out and wrapped it around her neck and tightened it. She wanted to explore with some light choking and he was more than happy to oblige. He told her to go on all fours in the bed and fingered her from behind while pulling on the tie to tighten around her throat. He couldn’t believe how wet she was and needed to taste her again. He laid down and pulled her onto his face so that he could get his tongue deep into her and soak up all of her juices. After a few minutes of tongue fucking her, she laid on the bed and he pulled out her favorite new toy she had told him about. He placed the toy on her clit while he continued to eat her pussy bringing her to climax. Its then that the toy really starts to kick in and makes her cum hard, he can see her juices flowing out of her onto the sheet. He grabs her glass dildo and starts fucking her with it hard and fast and watches her as she cums over and over again. Her juices flowing out of her like a stream. At this point he can’t resist her and dives in to clean her up and enjoy her sweetness. With moist lips and his beard full of her cum, he comes up and kisses her deep so that she can enjoy the taste of herself as well. He has waited so long to feel her wrapped around him and can’t wait any longer and needs to fuck her, to feel his cock deep inside her. He gets her on all fours, he knows he should put a condom on because otherwise he is breaking a rule but he wants to feel her tight pussy against his raw cock and just slides into her. She has to catch her breath as she feels him slide in, it feels like she has waited so long to feel him inside her. He fucks her hard, pulling her hair, smacking her ass and pulling on the tie still wrapped around her neck. She is trying to keep quiet but can’t help but yell his name. She wants him to fill her up, to feel his cum dripping out of her pussy. He can’t believe how tight she is and knows he may not last long because of it. He is about to cum and rams his cock into her deep making sure every last drop is drained from him.

Girl in red bra with man holding her neck

They lay for a few minutes catching their breath but she wants more, she needs to cum more. All he has to do is take one look at her and know what she wants and the way he craves her pussy and the taste of her he is more than happy to oblige.

They decide to take a break, watch a movie and cuddle for a bit but she doesn’t last long, she is still too horny and wants him more. Eager to explore her more, he grabs one of her anal plugs and puts it in while rubbing her pussy. He wants to fuck her while it’s in so that she can feel the sensations but with the size of the plug and tightness of her pussy he can’t get his cock in her. He decides to remove the plug and surprise her with something else. She isn’t sure what to expect next and wasn’t prepared for what came……she almost jumped at the sensation when her started to eat her ass. It was unlike anything she had felt before but fuck did it feel good. He continued to eat her ass and finger fuck her at the same time to make sure he got her off again. By this time he was ready to go again and couldn’t wait to slide his cock into her again. While fucking her he fingered her ass and wondered what it would be like to fuck it. He wouldn’t find out today but maybe next time they were together he would, watch his cum dripping out of it and get to lick her clean again. With that thought running through his mind, he fucked her harder and came again. They collapsed on the bed next to each other and she just looked at him again with that look in her eyes and he knew she was done yet. He fingered her, ate her pussy and fucked her hard with a big black dildo making her come over and over until she finally couldn’t take anymore. Finally sated they were ready for bed.

They had both looked forward to just getting to hold one another, touch and kiss. All she could think about was him and how much she wanted to be close to him. The next morning they got up, showered together and went to work. Wondering if anyone there had any idea of how close the two of them had become.

They don’t know when the next time they can be together will be because he needs to figure things out. He doesn’t want to hurt his girlfriend but knows he can’t stay away from her forever because she gives him what he wants, needs and craves!


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