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The Pool Boy (M/F)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Janet had been married to her husband for 35 years and counting. They got together in their twenties. Back when her husband was strong and fit. Now a days, his gut hangs over his belt and there’s barely any hair on his head. He’s more focused on work and donuts than any of her needs.

She craved the old him. The guy who had washboard abs, long blonde hair, and wore tight swimming trunks to the beach. Janet started to fantasize further about her old hunk husband as she laid in a chair beside the pool. She closed her eyes and ran her hands down her body. Janet was still in great shape for being in her fifties. Her fingers creeped under her bikini bottoms and over top her clit. She began to rub it and purr with pleasure. After minutes of touching herself, she was nearing an orgasm when a strange voice interrupted. “Excuse me, am I in the right place?”

Janet was stunned and quickly whipped around to give the invader a piece of her mind about privacy. Before she could get a word out, she saw her fantasy standing right in front of her. A tall, blonde, lean man with tanned skin and toned abs. He was in his early twenties and reminded her of her husband at that age. Even sexier.

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“Depends, what are you here for?” She asked cheekily.

“I’m here to clean the pool”, he replied, starring at Janet’s chest.

“How about you clean me? I’ve been a bit dirty this morning as you probably saw,” she suggested and grabbed the boy’s hand.

Janet pulled him onto the end of the chair. She undid her bikini top to reveal big, voluptuous boobs. Her nipples were perky with excitement. She pinched them to harden them up even more before burying the pool boy’s face in her chest. He happily sucked her natural tits and flicked his tongue over her nipples. Even biting them at times. Soon his hand began to wander down her body. He slid his middle finger into Janet’s eager pussy. She was surprised at how fast things were moving, but it excited her even more. Janet was becoming very wet from the boy’s handy work. She squirmed with pleasure as the boy incorporated another finger. He was knuckle deep in Janet, kissing her neck. She could feel herself getting close to climax again and decided to slow things down. She directed the pool boy to stop and stand up. He obliged and pulled his shorts to his ankles. His exposed penis was long, sleek, and shaved. Janet grabbed it without hesitation and began to stroke.

She could feel his cock grow in her grasp as she brought it to her lips. She kissed the tip and licked up and down the shaft before fully encompassing it with her mouth. This wasn’t her first blowjob, she knew exactly what she was doing. She took his dick all the way down her throat, causing herself to gag. She continued to slob and suck for a while longer before she wanted the dreamy dude inside her.

She leaned back on the chair as he pulled her bikini bottoms off and spit on her pussy. He slowly entered Janet, who could not control the loudness of her moan. It had been so long since she had great sex. She dug her nails into his back as he began fucking her.

The speed of the thrusts increased as the two began to sweat under the hot sun. The pool boy wrapped his muscular arms around Janet’s back. They were now as close and deep as physically possible. Janet felt waves of euphoria with every thrust. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

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Pool Boy pulled out just as Janet squirted and made a puddle on the pool deck. After her climax fully finished, she got onto her knees.

“Ugh, I’m gonna bake in this sun. You gotta give me some lotion baby. Squirt some lotion on me,” Janet begged as the pool boy aggressively jerked his cock. It didn’t take long to fulfill her wish and shoot his load on her. There was so much cum that it began to drip off her face onto her chest and torso. She smeared what had spilled all over her big jugs. They were now glistening in the sun.

“Since you didn’t actually clean my pool today, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow,” Janet said as she winked at the drained hunk standing over her. She could get used to this.

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