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The time I cheated on my husband (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

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Image Credit : Devn

She was so tired. Tired of their relationship. Tired of all that he had asked of her. Claire had always been a good girl. She did everything that had been asked of her throughout life. She had had enough. Her life was no longer her own and she wanted it back.

Oh, and the sex was boring. Oh my God the sex was boring.

Same position every time they had it. Claire talked to her friends about her sex life. Everyone agreed it was normal that after 10 years, things just got… stagnant. But things had always been stagnant. She couldn't remember a time where it was exciting. She felt no passion… anytime. Her single friend Kami told her that it was supposed to be more exciting. Claire was jealous of all her sex-capades. Flying around the world, sex in every country.

Phillip was a good man. He was attractive and had managed to keep the 'dad bod' at bay. He wasn't ripped by any means but he was athletic. They had been married for ten years and had two lovely children. Their marriage was good, but there was something missing. She wanted more. What she really wanted was Phillip's 2 friends . She had been lusting after Phillip's friends since she met them. They were oh so sexy.

There had been one time at a party that they had fucked her. One thing led to another. Innuendos led to flirting, which led to light petting and eventually ramming their huge cocks into her holes. Her pussy kept aching for it. First time it had been a mistake, but it wasn't a mistake when she invited them in. They fucked her in her pussy hard. One after the other and then they took turns in her ass. One of them fucked her mouth while the other was fucking her pussy. She loved every minute of it.

Phillip was leaving town for 3 weeks for work. She was going to tell him when he got back. He had to know. She couldn't keep it a secret any longer. She didn't want it to ruin their relationship, she loved Phillip so much but things needed to change. She knew she needed to get ready. She had to shave… everything. She needed an outfit (a sexy outfit) but that was a long time from now. She was horny now. Thinking about Phillip always turned her on. His strong shoulders picking her up and holding her. She fantasized about him and him really taking control. She wanted his strong hands… touching her over her shoulders, her neck, her breasts. Taking care to nibble her nipples. She had wanted him to use his hands down her abdomen gently kissing her every place his hands had been. Until he reached her vulva. Sneaking his fingers between the lips of her pussy.

As she thought about it she began touching herself. Exploring her body. Touching herself. Her pussy became wet as she began rubbing her clit softly and then harder until she almost reached climax. It felt so good, she wanted to spend all day just rubbing her clit and exploring her body. She finally just let it go and began to feel her body shudder at the intensity of her orgasm. She took a breath and began the plans for the night Phillip came home. She arranged for the kids to spend the weekend at a friend's house and she found the most perfect outfit. She got her hair done. She was starting to feel like the woman she was meant to be.


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