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playing footsie

Why does sex need a bucket list? Well it's obvious… everything needs a bucket list lol. No really, aren't there some things you've always wanted to try? You know, when the kids are all grown up and you can find some alone time OR unlike this writer... you don't have kids and you started asking for what you want long before you procreated.

  • Let's start at the most first and most often brought up…. A threesome. It really isn't hard to see why. It introduces the the element of the third person without doing too much extra work. The only con is you have to have really good communication in your relationship to make a threesome. Without good communication, you could end up failing in the threesome and your relationship.

  • The Mile High Club. It's a really expensive way to get your rocks off and is it really worth it in a commercial flight? The space is so tiny. But, if the stars align and you are on a flight that is taking so long you might scream of boredom, maybe then it would be worth it to scream for other reasons instead. You know... like orgasming? Or quietly (so as not to disturb the guy sleeping in 14C).

  • Body Paint. There is actually some companies that you can get body paint from and the canvases to display your art. Whether they be local or online... it is definitely a whole new world to explore.

  • A new toy. This is something I'd definitely recommend. It can help you realize some of your fantasies without actually needing to involve another person. There is this one toy that I would really like to give a try, best part... it's new.

  • Take sexy photos. I've done boudoir photos before but never as a couple. I actually would be all sorts of self conscious but it's something I would be willing to try. Basically I would get a photographer that you feel comfortable with who has experience doing boudoir photos and a good attitude about body positivity.

  • Get SEXY in a new place. Besides the elevator at the mall where I gave head once (I don't recommend trying it) and the hammock where I had sex (also, for the twenty something version of myself) I actually haven't gotten down and dirty in many places that aren't a bed. So this advice can be taken any way you want it. It can mean going on a trip and attempting to join the mile high club or it can be somewhere on a secluded beach; or it could literally mean the kitchen. I can say for certain, it's worth it.

  • Blind fold. Get kinky. Blind fold each other and just explore your bodies. It's amazing what taking away one of your senses can do.

"Depriving any one of the common sensations associated with sexual pleasure can sharpen the rest, so something as simple as wearing a blindfold or switching off the lights can be remarkably tantalizing"
  • And if you want to increase the fantasy, just add a toy or some hot wax to the mix.

  • Play strip poker. First you would have to know how to play poker... which I don't. So I like to play strip monopoly. Instead of trading clothes for cards, you're trading properties. It's essentially the same thing. Any game would work really. Strip Go Fish could be one hell of a game.

  • Have a steamy shower together. Maybe you could wash one another's hair, or body or try different positions in the shower. Many sex toys are waterproof for that inclusive reason. Try it out if you haven't already... it could make you wet.

  • Tie each other up. You might be surprised how dominant or submissive you can be and how much you enjoy it. It's one of those things like blindfolding (see above) that giving your partner all the control can really rile you up. Having no control and giving your other the power to do whatever they want can be really sexual... or vice versa.

No matter what you decide, I highly recommend trying all of them no matter your age or gender or sexuality. Especially if you haven't yet, especially that toy,

Leopard skin handcuffs
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” —Mark Twain


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