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You want all my holes filled? M/F Remote Controlled Sex Toys

It had been ages since my husband had touched me. So I find myself again dialing the number of the one man I shouldn’t call when I have just received a new toy in the mail. I can hear the beeping indicating that it’s ringing then the soft deep voice answers.

“Has someone received my gift?” he asks and I find myself smiling.

woman in sexy lace panties laying with her legs spread open on a white sheeted bed with white posts, with a white cell phone in her hand, preparing to have phone sex, erotica 80

“Indeed. It’s right here in front of me, ready to be used by my naughty body” I say and look at the little parcel which I knew contained a remote controlled sex toy to add to the collection. This also meant that the kind sir on the other side of the phone would want me to use it now while he talked me through my sensual touches through the orgasm. I can already feel myself becoming wet at the thought of it.

“Open it” I hear his demanding voice pulling me out of my thoughts.

“As you wish” I answer and try not to sound extremely horny, I put the phone on speaker and open the little paper box soon revealing its content, which was a new vibrator. This little thing is said to send a woman into orgasm with the simple touch of a remote, and today I would see if this were true while a man that isn’t my husband would listen.

I move to sit on my knees my already wet and nude pussy lingering over the new sex toy.

“I hope you are ready for this and will enjoy this just as much as I will”

I say into the phone and can hear some rustling which I assume is coming from him taking off his pants as he always does. “Indeed I am princess” he answers and I lover myself onto the soft silicone, it’s slightly cold but the heat of my body and the already dripping juices do a good job in heating it up. Then I press the button on the remote and a quiet buzzing can be heard while I gasp, the bump on the toy lining up perfectly with my clit and back entrance which gives me a new sensation.

“Oh as I can hear you are already enjoying the gift” his deep voice hums and I smile

“Y... yes thank you,” I say struggling to not make my voice stutter, this new sensation was messing with my head.

It wasn’t like something I have had before, and the vibrations were strong considering this was only the first stage I am almost worried about how strong the next stages are going to be. Maybe this is a toy that finally would bring me to a squirting orgasm?

As I moved my hips slightly against the smooth surface of the soft silicone and the little vibrating nubs focusing on my most intimate areas, which of course also served as a massage to my most sensitive spots, made my breath speed up more and more my hand reaching up to gently pinch my nipples making me moan and forgetting about my

little fling on the phone who was still eagerly listening.

“Don’t you dare come just yet” I can hear his breathy voice say from the speaker of my phone and it made me flinch a little having been too deep in my own world, and if he wouldn’t have said anything I probably would have cum. So I did my best to hold back the approaching orgasm, my clit already throbbing and my nipples pointing out clearly visible through the thin silk nightgown. “Right, sorry I think I got a little ahead of myself” I say my voice shaking with lust.

“Do you still have that cute little butt plug?” he asks me and I bite my lips already knowing where this is going. “I do” I answer almost obediently, maybe I was so obedient because I know that he soon would ask me to fuck my ass with my little butt plug while I would ride that thing. Then the thought about my husband coming home early and seeing this that I was cheating on him with a man that gave me sex toys as gifts, this thought made my adrenaline levels rise and so did my lust. I reached over to the bedside table and opened the drawer “I have it right here” I say and grab the vibrator and lube. “Good. Take out the app-controlled Jive too” he says and I freeze for a second but then I do as I am told and reach for the items.

He connected the Jive to the remote app on his phone and on the order of my playmate pushed it deep inside me letting it hit my g-spot with a loud moan, it instantly started vibrating causing me to become a panting mess again.  

“P…please I will come at this rate” I say begging but can only hear a chuckle “Then you better hold back” he commands.

“Now lube up that sweet back entrance of yours” he wouldn’t need to tell me this twice, the bed covers and my new toy was already wet with pussy juice, he could as me anything and I would do it without batting an eye. I took the lube and placed a generous amount on my index and middle finger reaching behind myself to feel for the shaven entrance. Once found I circled before pushing one finger inside, instantly my stomach began to tingle due to the foreign feeling, adding with the vibrations in my front it was hard not to cum which my body let me know by shaking slightly and moaning small cute sounds out of my control. I pushed the index finger all the way inside before pulling it out to the tip and pushing inside again, as I got used to that I took the next finger again tingles erupted into my body and again I wanted to cum right there. But no, my fling knew exactly how to please me so I would listen.

male with phone in hand, with hand in jeans, masturbating, erotica Marturano

Having prepared my ass I told the handsome stranger on the phone that I was ready for the next part and I could hear him unzipping something I assumed would be his pants. “Good now take the butt plug and push it into your hole all the way to the base vibrating on the highest setting” he ordered and I bit my lips simply answering with a yes, the buzzing of the vibration soon filled the room. I used a little more lube and then put the tip against my back entrance already moaning just from that sensation. Taking a deep breath I put the device inside of me slowly making sure to hold back every orgasm as I could feel the smooth surface of the device spread me open like it was nothing, entering a hole that wasn’t made for the sole purpose of pleasure but yet here I am. It took a little bit to get it all inside of me, tears of pleasure in the corner of my eyes, my lips parted into gasps and moans. I must look like such a slut right now both of my holes filled with toys, on the phone with a male I have slept with who isn’t my husband and the worst fact is that I loved every second, every single sensational feeling of it. “I…I did it” I say rather proudly and focus on the sounds coming from my phone, I can hear his breath speeding up and a slight rhythmic sound. He must be jerking off his delicious dick right now.

“Amazing. Now sit back down on your new present” he said, and I of course did as I was told, what I didn’t think about is, that the second I sat down the toys were pushed further inside me making me moan loudly, especially as I turned on the new sex toy and it started hitting and vibrating on every spot of my intimate region that wasn’t already covered. I had to bend forward, my body shaking with pleasure as I tried to at least hold onto a useful thought, but I could not, my mind was going blank and it felt like I was floating

“I…I can’t hold back anymore” I said after what felt like an eternity, my hands gripping into the covers.

“Then cum for me, be a good girl and cum with all you got,” he said and the second I realized that I got permission, my body started spasming and I moaned while my insides and outsides were throbbing with pleasure. An intense pleasure came from my pussy as soon a clear liquid made its way out and due to my intense pleasure and wetness the lush came out as well, which made the liquid squirt heavily all over the bed and left me in a screaming orgasm.

As I came down from my high I made sure to push out the buttplug and turned off the new egg vibrator sex toy before laying back down and breathing heavily “That was amazing” I say to the phone and I could hear a chuckle “Surely sounded like it. Made me cum like crazy. Next time you need to show me” he said and I chuckle “Sure I will” I point out before I hear something that makes me freeze for a second.

“Honey I’m home”


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