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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Please follow the rules below as outlined on Instagram to enter our giveaway.

"Excerpt from post by @supersmashcache"

To enter to win one:

💋 Like this post.

💋 Comment telling me which one you'd like.

💋 Optional bonus entries for tagging a friend. 1 comment = 1 entry.


Don't know which one to pick? Here's the 411:


There's a reason why We-Vibe's bullet motors are the gold standard to which other bullets are compared. Yes, the Tango X is strong, but it also has serious JUMP and RUMBLE to it, like a low purring bass.


The Tango X has a hard plastic shell for transferring vibrations with minimal dampening, and can be placed in vibrating dils' standard bullet cavities.


Meanwhile, the Touch X is silicone with a scooped shape for broader vibration during couples' play. Or use the pointy tip.


And the Melt? Strong air pulses combined with a Bluetooth remote control for unlimited patterns and long-range play.


I've reviewed all three on my blog before. 😘😘 You know where to find my thoughts.

Winner of the September 2022 We-Vibe Giveaway

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Sep 04, 2022

I am always looking for a good time I love this shop anybody interested in meeting call me 236-808-1331

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