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The Extreme Chastity Device is designed to restrict sexual activity, including masturbation and intercourse. Commonly found within the BDSM community, this device is equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents any form of genital stimulation. When worn, it ensures the wearer's penis remains flaccid, effectively inhibiting erections. Control over this device is held by the keyholder, typically the dominant partner, symbolizing their authority over the wearer's sexual freedom.

Voluntarily donned by the submissive partner, the chastity device is a testament to their submission, entrusting their sexual pleasure entirely to their dominant. This arrangement ensures the wearer cannot engage in sexual activities with others, fostering a dynamic of exclusivity and obedience. Despite the consensual nature of its use, the device may induce sexual frustration, believed to enhance the submissive's compliance and devotion.

The Extreme Chastity Device, crafted from durable metal, features a secure locking system. It acts as a literal cage, entrapping the wearer's penis and denying freedom until the dominant decides otherwise. With an adjustable waist strap, it accommodates a range of sizes, ensuring a snug fit. The option to attach a leash to the waist strap opens up further possibilities for exploring power dynamics and bondage scenarios.

This device measures approximately 4 inches in length and 1 3/4 inches in width, offering a compact yet effective means of chastity control.

Extreme Chastity Belt

SKU: 603912323962

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