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Ana Foxx Lady Fleshlight

The Ana Foxx Lady Fleshlight will have you coming back for more. The design of the sweet chocolatey sleeve is quite unique. Specifically, it splits up two chambers in a way that makes it more stimulating and exciting. The lady version has a vaginal opening. And, is wider then most Fleshlight. Hence, offering a softer looser experience. If you have a larger penis or simply desire a soft wide pussy, then the Ana Foxx Lady is for you!

After pushing through the soft lips, you will enter the first chamber which is split into two smaller distinct structures. Both have Zig-Zag like pyramids that change in tightness as you push deeper. Hence, making your time in Chamber one feel like a wave sensation against the penis.

As you leave chamber one you will feel a constricted area that is filled with staggered pointy nubs that squeezes for an even more enjoyable sensation. The beginning of the second large grid structure has ridges and grooves. These rub against the penis as you push further through. In addition, it also is full of large nubs and bumps to help stroke and tug you to an ultimate climax.

If you have ever desired a romp with a pornstar, then here is your chance to get your replica of the beautiful Ana Foxx. A gorgeous real-life super model that evolved into a sexy pornstar that fans around the world adore.

Fleshlight, Ana Foxxx, Lady

SKU: 810476011482

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