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The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is a more compact, sleeker version of the original Fleshlight. The Flight Pilot is very stylish, minimal and perfect to take traveling with you due to its smaller size. The texture of the Flight Pilot has a number of bumps, fingers and ribs inside the sleeve ensuring your flight to new heights. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is 8 inches in length, 6 inch of which is penetrable. With each Flight Pilot you get the cool frosted white sleeve, the stylish black casing and a small tester size sample of lubricant. The outer casing of the Fleshlight, is masculine yet understated and if it was to be left out it is not obvious that it contains an amazing masturbator! The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is three inches smaller than the original Fleshlight however for such a small Fleshlight the Flight Pilot really packs a punch! The inner texture is amazing, you can feel every bump, and finger and rib the Flight Pilot has to offer. The cap at the end of the Fleshlight can be unscrewed to allow more air get into the sleeve, more air means it is less tight around the penis and you can delay and control when you climax. Simply unscrew the cap at the end until it comes off completely, empty the sleeve into a sink and clean the Flight with warm water and toy cleaner so it is clean and ready for your next trip! Make sure you let the Fleshlight sleeve and case dry completely before storing it away. Always use a water-based lubricant with this toy to prolong the life of your Fleshlight Flight Pilot.

Fleshlight, Flight Pilot

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