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The Jumbo Jack Man O War is for those persons with unique preferences that provide pleasure to them. There are people who desire a ‘full’ feeling. In order to experience this feeling, they turn to large sex toys. Hence, if you are looking for an extreme stretch that goes deep, this is the man for you!

Doc Johnson’s Man O War is one huge cock. The flexible shaft allows for maneuvering and targeting depth. In addition, the large head and thick shaft will gratify size queens and anal enthusiasts alike. Everyone’s feelings of pleasure are different. To discover that pleasure, this needs to be done correctly and safely. Thus, ensuring that you alone, or you with a partner, are getting the most out of the experience. And, most importantly, not causing damage to your body.

Large dildos (a qualifier that varies greatly, depending on the dimensions of the user) require preliminary periods of stretching before being inserted. So long as you are into stretching out, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how big a dildo can (or should) be. However, never rush into things without foreplay or warm-up, as you could damage yourself.

Lubricant is really important for all sexual experiences. It makes anal and vaginal penetration much safer by reducing the risk of injury (tearing) and soreness. Go slowly, build up with smaller toys first, and use lots of lubricant (both on yourself and the dildo). Pay close attention to what your body is telling you, and you should be able to enjoy every inch of your massive sex toy with ease. If you start to feel any pain or discomfort, stop.

Finally, this dildo is made from body safe PVC featuring antibacterial Doc Johnson’s signature Sil-A-Gel formula that is phthalate free. In addition, it measures in length 10in or 25.4cm, with an insertable Length of 8.2in or 20.8cm. The circumference is 7in or 17.78cm and the diameter at widest point is 2in or 5.1cm.

Jumbo Jack Man O War, Black

SKU: 782421119904
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C$54.95Sale Price

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