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Introducing the Ultimate Clean & Dry Pleasure Blanket, designed for your intimate moments! Crafted from luxuriously soft, waterproof cool-dry fleece, this blanket ensures a mess-free, comfortable experience. Its ample dimensions of 50 inches by 60 inches provide plenty of space for freedom of movement.

This blanket is engineered to stay in place, offering a stable and secure base for your intimate activities. It's an ideal addition to enhance your experiences in various settings - whether it's on the bed, sofa, chair, or even the backseat of a car.

Post-use, cleaning is a breeze. Simply machine wash the blanket. For optimal care, it's recommended to hang dry or use a gentle tumble dry on a very low heat setting.

Discreetly designed to resemble a regular throw blanket, it's a discreet yet essential accessory for maintaining cleanliness and comfort during your intimate moments.

Crafted from 100% Polyester, this blanket is not only functional but also stylish and versatile. Make it a staple in your intimate spaces and enjoy worry-free pleasure with our Ultimate Clean & Dry Pleasure Blanket.

No More Wet Spot Blanket

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