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Nude Booby Tape is the answer!

Nude Booby tape is the answer when you cannot find a bra that works with your cutest outfits! If you need a breast lift or simply more support then Booby Tape is where it is at. This nude tape allows you to go braless. It is hypoallergenic and latex free. Additionally, it works great underneath clothing but is also waterproof. Thus, making it perfect for use underneath a bathing suit. Equally important, it comes in a roll so you can cut the length to suit your own unique figure.

Nude Booby Tape is made from combined cotton, spandex, adhesive and acrylic. And, it is always recommended that you do a patch test on your skin prior to using Booby Tape. First, apply a small piece of tape to the breast area. In particular, without stretching the tape. Second, leave it on for 4-6 hours. Finally, peal it off slowly. This is to ensure that you do not have a sensitivity or allergy to the tape or the adhesive. If irritation or redness occurs during or after the patch test, do not continue to use this product.

Only apply Booby Tape to clean, dry skin. Thus, your skin should be free of moisturizers and oils. And, do not apply tape to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin. Likewise, you may also want to consider using nipple covers prior to using the tape to protect these sensitive areas.

Trim the corners off of each Nude Booby Tape strip before applying it. This will help the tape sit firmly against the skin. In addition, it will stop any corners from catching on your clothes. Specifically, if the corners start to lift, it can cause the rest of the strip to peel off.

Place your breast in the desired position and then apply the tape to hold the breast in place. Hence, there should be very little stretch to the tape. Additionally, there should be approximately one inch at each end acting as an anchor. In fact, the ends should have no tension, so that your tape lasts longer. Above all, you should not wear Booby Tape longer than 6 hours. Especially because the longer you wear the tape, the stickier the adhesive gets. And, this could result in difficulty removing the tape.

When removing the tape, peel it of gently and carefully. First, start by peeling it back slowly with one hand while the other hand supports the skin beneath the tape. In other words, do not rip it off quickly as you can severely damage the skin. If needed, add moisturizer or coconut oil to the tape. Booby tape comes off easier when wet. Hence, applying moisturizer or coconut oil and allowing it to sink in and penetrate the tape will help break down the adhesive. This is also the best method of removal if you have sensitive skin.

Nude Booby Tape

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