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Tenga Eggs are a front runner of modern masturbation devices

What exactly are Tenga Eggs? Tenga Eggs are an intriguing male masturbation sex toy. There are no other male sex toys on the market that compares to the ease of use of these toys. Tenga Eggs hail from Japan. Tenga specialize in unrealistic looking sleeves. And, offer a wide range of different sensations and experiences.

The Tenga Surfer Egg comes housed in a small plastic egg. It has a sachet of lube stashed in the middle. The variety in designs from Tenga is so diverse they literally cover all bases for anyone with a penis. The inside of the Tenga Surfer is a pattern of small whorls and raised waves. They cover the entire internal surface of the Egg.

These devices travel well. They can be popped in a pocket or backpack

Tenga Eggs are basically a small, soft TPE stroker with no open end. Looks can be deceiving. And although at first you think there is no way it will fit, the stretch on these is massive. They expand out to totally encompass your penis. As with all Eggs, the TPE will stretch to an almost transparent sleeve once completely pulled down onto your shaft.

With long slow strokes you can feel the raised waves over your penis and the ridge of your helmet. Likewise, with some twisting action or simple good old-fashioned grip, it gives a good sensation. Even squeezing hard, you can still feel the raised parts of the pattern on your shaft.

Clean up with Tenga Eggs is so easy. You just gather everything up and dispose of it. However, if you fancy another go with your Egg you can wash it out carefully and allow it to dry off and bingo! Good as new. Tenga market Tenga Eggs as disposable so they will not last forever. However, given their impressive strength and stretch, you can certainly get a few uses out of it.

Measures: 2.5in or 6.35cm

Tenga Egg Masturbator, Surfer

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