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A Doctor's Prescription for Sexual Adventure: The Cuckold Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

A Woman Finds Sexual Adventure and Satisfaction with a Routine Doctors Visit while having Cuckold Fantasies

I have talked with my husband several times about how I would like to open the marriage or how I would like that he becomes something like a cuckold. As I have a big kink for that. But there was no hope he refused, he said it was cheating and that I am a whore! We have tried having a threesome once with another man, but he didn’t like that, then again, he loves inviting other women to our sex life.

Now a few weeks later after our last argument because of this I had a doctor’s appointment, nothing serious just a simple checkup. Little did I know that my fantasy could be so easy to grab, if I had known about this before I would have done it more often. So here is the story of how I made my husband a cuckold, or better said how I cheated on my husband with my doctor.

I came to the doctor’s office a little before my appointment, but I didn’t have to wait long before a substitute called my name informing me that my regular doctor is sick today and he will be performing the full body exam on me. And to be honest with you guys I don’t mind that at all. The substitute who is called for David is surely a handsome young man. Black curly hair, round glasses slight freckles and it seems like he has a good build too.

I followed David into the examination room where he told me to undress fully behind a curtain so that we could start. I did as I was told before stepping out behind the curtain. David glanced at me and nodded “Very well I see you are ready then” he said and got on some gloves before he started pressing on some places on my body “Are you sexually active?” he asked and I knew it was just one of the ordinary questions the doctors asked but here I am sexually frustrated and horny that a stranger is touching me so I test out my limits.

“Actually. Also, if I am married my husband and I rarely have sex anymore, we argue a lot to be honest” David looked up at me before his hands moved to my breast and he started massaging them slightly.

“Hmm, I see. That’s sorry to hear, a beautiful woman like yourself should have sex a lot” he answered, and I tried to hold back a smile. Did I just hit a score?” I thought.

“Please lay down on the gyno chair with your feet on the footrests,” he said, and I nodded again doing as I was told like a submissive slut. Once placed in the chair, David came closer and started the normal routine of touching the top of my lower stomach and around my pussy. To my surprise, he then removed the gloves “I suppose you don’t mind? It helps me to feel around.” He asked and I shook my head giving him a gentle smile “No not at all” I answered him and he lubed up two fingers gently inserting them into my pussy. At that point, I thought I give him a little sign so I parted my lips and let a little moan slip through. Of course, David looked up but he just smiled that’s when I was for sure, here I had a chance to live out my fantasy.

He started moving around inside of me, his skilled fingers hitting my g-spot every now and then while his thumb ‘accidentally’ brushed against my clit. Of course, I couldn’t hold back making sounds at that point so I ended up gasping every now and then. Eventually, he pulled away and leaned over grabbing a speculum “This might be a little cold” Dr. David told me as he started to lube the metallic tool. As I nodded slightly he started to insert it, he wasn’t lying it was cold against my hot pussy, but at this point, I was convinced that I don’t need lube as I was so wet it was dripping out of my steady spreading pussy. Within seconds the speculum was warm and open to my cervix. David sat back down on the chair and started to investigate my deep insides.

“This is a pretty pussy” he said, and I couldn’t help but blush.

doctor examining a woman's vagina Guzenda

“Thank you, doctor. I suppose everything is fine with my pussy then?” I asked and I could see David smile before looking serious and looking up at me.

“Actually, there is something I would like to check just to make sure you are in peak condition.” He mentioned and I nodded “Of course doctor. Whatever you need to do” I said, and he removed the speculum again nodding “All right then” was his answer before he grabbed a little curtain that was attached to the ceiling and went across the room, parting the gyno chair in half.

“I need to put this in place just for umm safety,” he said, and I got a hint of what he meant nodding slightly.

“Of course, sir,” I said, and the curtains were pulled in place, I couldn’t see anything beyond my stomach all I could do was try to feel what was going on, but for a moment nothing happened. I could hear some rustling but did not feel anything of that special treatment I was supposed to receive.

Another moment went by as I felt something touch my pussy lips, I almost flinched away but thinking it was just his fingers I didn’t bother. That is until it happened once more and I realized it was way too big to be just his fingers. Then it happened once more and I tried to figure out what that thing touching me is, it’s thick kind of wet on top but doesn’t feel like a vibrator or dildo, it seems warm. I look down in the hope to see something through the curtains but there was no way I could do that. Then I felt it once more, this time on my entrance.

“I will begin now,”

David said, and the foreign object was pushed inside of me, that’s when I realized that it was his dick pushing into my wet insides, I can't believe it. the Handsome Doctor is actually going to have sex with me.

It seemed that even if I was wet and lubed up, my insides still were tight as his dick went inside but only slowly, or could it be that the doctor actually is being gentle with me? I felt him spread my insides and couldn’t help but gasps as his big member made it all the way to my cervix, “hmm I see you must be around 8 inches when your vaginal canal is fully stretched.” He said suddenly and I couldn’t help but blush deeply, he just told me his size, out of the blue, and the worst part is that I understand why it feels so full inside of me, he is almost the double size of my husband.

“I will begin to move the device now, eventually you will feel warm liquid entering you. That is just liquid to calm your vaginal canal, so it doesn’t get sore afterwards”

He explained, and I of course knew that he was lying but I played along.

“of course, doctor thank you again for your hard work” I manage to say as he starts moving and I need to bite my tongue so that I don’t start moaning loudly. I can feel him starting to move in a steady rhythm, going in and out and spreading my lips every now and then, to my surprise I soon felt something on my clit, it was his finger starting to massage and rub my little knob. I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I started moaning quietly but apparently loud enough for him to hear as he commented.

“Is there something wrong miss? I am simply doing a medical procedure, after all, I need to follow your concern and check everything connected to your vagina right?”

He questioned and at the same time pushed deep inside of me.

“No of course I understand doctor I was just ah. Umm surprised” I stammered, and I could hear him chuckle, he didn’t comment further instead he started speeding up his trust, and by the impact my tits started bouncing. Right my tits, he couldn’t see me, so I reached my hands up and started playing with my pink knobs that have gotten aroused by both the cold air and the impact of a stranger’s dick inside of me. Rubbing and playing with my sensitive nipples soon brought me closer to orgasm, and in a matter of seconds, I could feel myself wanting the feeling of sweet release. The hard fucking from the doctor where I could feel his member going in and out of me, I could even feel the veins and the throbbing, does that mean he was close to? Was he really going to cum inside of me? But me and my husband always used condoms, I haven’t been on birth control. What if I get pregnant? As much as the thought scared me, it also turned me on, I could hear the sound of my wet pussy colliding with his big dick. Shit, I was so close to getting even more turned on by the thought of a stranger going to cream my pussy. I could feel my pussy starting to throb and I was about to say something when I heard the doctor speak up.

“I will insert the warm liquified medicine now”

he warned and at that point I could just mumble an ok and feel his cream fill my insides as I came too, biting my hand so that I wouldn’t moan out loudly. He pulled out and I could hear him get dressed before he whipped my entrance.

“Now then I am done with the procedure, you can get dressed, and will get a one-time antibiotic from me right after, but I want you to come back next week again” he explained as he removed the curtains and I nodded still catching my breath before I quietly went to get dressed again. Once dressed I got a little pill that I swallowed with a sip of water, got my follow-up appointment, and said my goodbyes and thank you before I left. Walking home to my loving husband while feeling the cream of a stranger drip into my panties.


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