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I Love Fucking My Wife

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

I love my wife's pussy and big gigantic breasts more than anything, and love pleasing her with with sex toys, fingers, anything she wants

We just celebrated our 5th marriage anniversary. After being together for almost 10 years, i have continued to find more and more things that appeal to me, like her smooth, warm and soft skin and the way her sweat smells after a day in the sun. I just love my wife's sexy body more and more every day. These kind of thoughts and memories of her skin and body are always running through my head and by the time I finally see her after a long day I am very intoxicated with primal savage urges.

Friday was no different. I came home and noticed that she was already smelling fresh and sweet. She had already taken a warm bath and shaved her legs and I was guessing her lovely mound. Walking around in a bathrobe with nothing on. I anticipated it would be a great afternoon. I also went and had a shower and freshened myself up.

While I was drying off from my shower, I could hear our toy chest open a few times and things being taken out. Yummy anticipation was driving me crazy. Over the years we have accumulated quite a collection of sex toys and she loves them all. From vibrating clit suckers to big inflatable dildos.

I threw on a pair of tight underwear, knowing fully well that my huge bulge would be hanging out with a sleeveless tank top and went into our bedroom. What I saw made my cock do a triple thump twitch of hunger. She was laying on the bed in a white baby doll see through dress with her legs spread wide open spread eagled on the bed laying facedown.

"Come rub my back please baby? I wanna feel your warm hands on me" she breathed sexily.

I nearly jumped on the bed, but trying to be cool and suave, I took my time and walked to the edge of the bed closest to her and after pouring some oil on my hands, slowly started rubbing her shoulders and neck. I could feel her tensions release as I stroked her hair and rubber her temples.

I climbed on the bed, and my bulge grazed her side. She immediately shifted and I could see her push her crotch into the bed. Taking this as a signal, my hands traced a line down her back and to her very sweet and sexy buttcheeks. I made sure to gently grace her asshole a few times. Purely accidental of course 😉.

I traced circles on her thick ass and under her cheeks running my fingertips up her smooth and sexy legs. She has the most tight and amazingly perfect legs. Her thick thighs really have saved my life in every imaginable way. I slowly felt around the inside of her thigh at the top of her legs until I felt her labia grace the outside of my fist. I kept grazing her pussy very slightly every time I passed hands the inside of her thighs. I could see more of her ass tighten as she ground her pussy into the bed. I could almost smell her juicy excited pussy with her legs open like that. My dong was bobbing uncontrollably as it rubbed juicily on her leg.

She reached over and suddenly my throbbing vein was in her hand. She was squeezing the top hard like she wanted to pop it! Fuck that felt so good and made me throb even more in her hand. She was grinding her juicy honey hole into the bed with increasing frequency, so I worked 2 fingers into her juicy pussyhole while my thumb gently massaged her clitoris in matching rhythmical strokes. She loves this and started grinding into my hands while tugging on my stone hard dick.

I grabbed a Jive and held it to the opening of her wet pussyhole while massaging her throbbing clit. She was soaking with passion and her juicy pussy was coating the toy so i slipped it inside her and starting pulling it all the way out and putting it all the way in her pussy.

She sat up into a doggy style position, and I positioned myself with my face underneath her hard clit while I pumped her pussyhole with the Jive. Every 10 or 15 insertions, I would increase the vibration setting and she was responding to each new setting with a deep breathe and moan.

My bulge had broken through my under wear. She noticed this and pushed down on my cock with her foot! Every time she touched me, it felt like fire and every essence in my body wanted to swallow her and all her juices.

I clipped her nipples with the nipple clamps and her moan of ecstasy was enough to make my precum coat my throbbing penis. She rode my face and the toy like that for what seemed like an hour! My face was covered in her juices. I was even rubbing my face all the way up to my nose up and down her juicy slick canal. I was making love to her honey hole with my face.

She was creaming and I didn't want it to stop. Her beautiful thick thighs gripping my head holding my face in perfect place, while she rubbed her clit on my face and squirmed her ass in synch with the pulsing vibrations.

She suddenly pushed my hand away and sat down hard on my cock with the Jive still inside her humming like a mack truck.

She screamed "Omg, omg, omgggg I'm soaking your bigcock with my cum" while she dripped her ecstasy all over my balls and the bed.

I kept pumping hard into her hole over and over again while she was frozen suspended on top of me. Her nipples were as hard as marble as i sucked on them and her eyes were closed as she ground her soaking pussy on my pelvis.

I love the feel of her juicy cum juice all over me. It is so delicious.

I pulled my slick dick out of her and flipped her over onto her back. I positioned my tasty cock on her mouth. She greedily started slobbering on my balls and cock, tasting her own cum.

I kissed her deeply so I could taste her juices from her lips. She was so tasty, I really couldn't get enough. I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed my cock into her mouth. She was twirling her tongue on my perineum while stroking my balls and squeezing them. It was like a volcano exploding, and I took my meat out and shot my load all over her size GG tits coating them with stream after stream of my jizzjuice.

I grabbed her in a bear hug to show my appreciation for having the most amazing wife in the world. Our aftercare involves back rubs and head rubs so after a few minutes of that, we both fell asleep with me smelling her neck. Bliss!

I love my wife

Join me next time for more tales of me loving my wife


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