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Cuckolding with a Stranger

It's a Friday night, I had a long week in the office trying to keep my innocent behavior, but at night, at night I turn into a slut a cuckold if you will. My fiancé is at home waiting for me to get back and present him with my pussy filled with a stranger's seed. I change at a toilet at a close-by gas station, a short cocktail dress and some sexy makeup and pheromone spray making me look like a proper slut. Confirming my looks in the mirror I head out to the club I always go to when I need some good dick.

I enter the club and look around looking for potential prey as I do. That's where a male in the corner of the club catches my eye. Soft caramel-looking skin, wide shoulders. He smiles at me, and I smile back before I go to sit at the bar, I know I don’t need to walk over to him, that little second of eye contact would be enough to make sure that he comes over. I order a “sex on the beach” cocktail as I wait, and sure enough, I don’t even need to pay as the handsome male already is sitting beside me ordering a beer and paying for both drinks at the same time.

“Thank you,” I say trying to make my voice as charming and gentle as possible.

“You are welcome, a beauty like you needs to be served right!”

He answers his voice dark and manly, already making me give goosebumps. Hell, yes this was going to be great. We made a bit more Smalltalk where I find out his name is Jason, and he is 27. Matching my age of 24 well. We both finish our drinks and to get things moving I place my hand on his leg leaning slightly forward

“Soo Jason. Are you single?” I ask in a bittersweet voice and he smiles “Yes. Are you?” He asks, and I shake my head to what he looks skeptical

“My boyfriend expects me to come home filled with seed tonight. And you are the lucky chosen one”

I say tempting to which he smiles. “Oh, is that so! Then we won’t let your boyfriend keep waiting,” he said with a grin and pulled me towards the male toilets of course there were some men in there, but they ignored it or send a thumbs up to my new friend Jason as he pulled me into a stall and started kissing me as soon as the door was locked, and he pushed me against it. I kissed back while my arms rested on his shoulders intending to let him take the lead, which he did. In a matter of seconds, his hands were exploring my body running up my slim waist and up to my chest fondling my 32D cups that of course weren’t hidden by a bra only the tight dress. I reached to the side of the dress and unzipped it before pulling off the straps from my shoulders and Jason took a step back getting ready for what he was going to see. As the dress moved towards the ground revealing my body, I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I was completely bare under. Having shaved this morning as well my skin was soft and smooth. Jason moved to kneel in front of me and put one of my legs on his shoulder taking in the sight of my fresh little pussy with a smile. He gently reached a hand up and started to massage my pussy with the palm of his hand making my breath speed up, as I knew there were other people outside this very door, I decided to put some sound in a small gasping moans left my throat. If my boyfriend only knew what a slut, I am letting other men hear me moan while I am locked into a toilet with a stranger. Jason leaned more into my pussy now letting his tongue run through my already wet slit before pushing a finger inside. He surely didn’t waste any time eating me out roughly while fingering my tight insides and listening to my moaning voice. Eventually, I looked down at him

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“Common I can’t wait anymore. Put it in!”

I said moaning already being close as he was a great oral pleaser. Who didn’t need to be told twice to finally fuck me? He pulled down his pants and his big dick finally got released, it was about 10 inches and thick. Probably the biggest I have ever seen in real life, and I was dying to find out how it would feel in my tight pussy. He moved to lift my dripping pussy above his dick as he pressed me into the stall wall and carefully let me sink onto his dick. We both moaned deeply as he was spreading my lips apart and entered the tight moist hole.

“Shit you are so big!”

I exclaimed as he got deeper and deeper into me. Once fully inside I needed a second to relax and once I gave him a slight nod, he started fucking me. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he filled me up with his dick the movement adding to the pleasure of his skin hitting my clit. I was sure this would be a new record of how fast I could come as I already was close. Moaning loudly my breath speeded up and so did he. I could tell by his throbbing member that he couldn’t hold back his load even longer either, so I looked at him and smiled “give me your cream” I said between moans, and he smiled back. Trusting faster and harder I was pushed over the edge and held onto him moaning loudly as my pussy tensed up around him and I started orgasming, the tensing was too much for him and soon enough I could hear him moan, and feel his warm seed fill me up. We both were gasping for air as we came down from our orgasmic high and he pulled out. As a good girl I reached for my purse and pulled out a pair of panties. After all I didn’t want all the seeds go to waste. After that, I pulled on the dress again and kissed my newfound stranger again before walking out, the guys that had been listening watched us both leave amazed by what just had happened. I said my goodbye to Jason and took the next cab right home where I would present my filled pussy to my boyfriend.


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