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Squirting On The First Night (MF) Using Kunyaza Clitoral Stimulation

Marcel pinned Nia against the metal wall of the elevator as he dipped his head, pressing his lips against hers. As the kiss intensified, Marcel’s hand slid down Nia’s waist to pull her thigh against his hip. 

Marcel and Nia in an intimate moment, practicing the kunyaza technique for clitoral stimulation and enhanced pleasure, as depicted in their first night together Media

After several dinner dates, Nia had finally agreed to go back to Marcel’s place and the nerves had begun to set in as butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. 

A quiet Ding! announced that the elevator had arrived on their floor and Marcel pulled back with a lopsided smile. A hand pressed firmly into Nia’s back, encouraging her through the elevator doors and down the empty hallway.

As they reached the front door of Marcel’s apartment, Nia’s hand began to caress over his solid chest as she kissed along his neck. Within seconds Marcel had unlocked the door, flicking on the hall light and the pair quickly stepped inside. 

The door clicked closed behind them as Marcel guided Nia down the hall towards his bedroom.

After several dinner dates, Nia had finally agreed to go back to Marcel’s place and the reality had begun to set in as butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. Clothes landed on the floor in a trail between the door and bed as they continued to kiss. 

Nia fell back on the mattress and Marcel spread her legs as he positioned himself between her thighs. Her chest began to rise and fall more rapidly as she watched in anticipation as Marcel wrapped his hand tightly around the base of his thick shaft. Nia’s cheeks and chest flushed a deep red hue as she waited for him to slide inside her.

Marcel abruptly swatted his hard cock against Nia’s sensitive core, causing her to squirm under him. Her brow furrowed in confusion but still Marcel continued to rhythmically tap his cock in a circular motion around her clit. Nia tried to stifle her reactions but soon she was cupping her breast as her pussy grew wetter. 

“Fuck me,” Nia moaned.

“You’re not wet enough yet,” Marcel responded with a smirk.

Marcel began to strike his solid cock along either side of her opening, admiring each of Nia’s reactions. She squirmed below him as she hooked her arms behind each of her legs to keep them out of the way.

As Marcel continued, Nia’s core began to ache until she could feel her pulse throb between her thighs. Nia’s moans began to fill the room with a sweet tone as she gave in to the feeling of his cock hitting against her sensitive pussy. Marcel began to focus more directly on her clit, tapping in a horizontal line across her sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Oh my God,” Nia moaned as her hips bucked.

“Oh, just like that?” Marcel teased.

Nia’s thighs tensed up as waves of pleasure flooded through her and her eyes fluttered shut as she suddenly gushed over the sheets of the bed.

Marcel slowly began to press the tip of his cock into her warm, wet tunnel while Nia’s chest was still heaving. She struggled to gain her composure as she slowly stretched around him and he finally sunk deep inside of her.

With a kiss, Marcel took hold of Nia’s hips as he slowly began to thrust into her as her muscles gripped tightly around his shaft. With how sensitive she was Nia felt like she could feel every ridge of his cock inside her. Nia wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and dug her nails into his back as he continued to work his cock inside her. The sound of Nia’s wet pussy began to fill the room as her second orgasm began to build between her thighs. 

“See? Isn’t that so much better?” Marcel groaned.

Kunyaza, Clitoral Stimulation made easy.


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