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My Fantasy

I thought I should share something a little more sexy with my audience this time around…

I've had a recurring fantasy where I'm dressed in a silk negligee and I get pulled up to someone with a full head of hair (not my partner who is bald unfortunately) and I get kissed passionately. He grabs my ass with a quick slap and then he pulls me into him. The strong man lifts me up and then throws me down on the bed. He pushes my silk negligee up slowly along my already sweaty abdomen and kisses it as he drags it along my body. He kisses it all the way down until he gets to my wet throbbing vagina. He gently grazed my clit with his warm wet lips.

It's various faces of men. Sometimes it's an ex boyfriend. Sometimes it's a faceless man. Sometimes it's a porn star… Owen Gray specifically. A lot of times it's Owen Gray actually, and his incredible Magic Wand and his tattooed body.

But every time it's wonderful. In this fantasy, I have no kids. I have no plans. I don't have to worry about doctor's appointments or the never ending fights about brushing teeth or answering the almighty nagging "why" that my son seems to have with every request I make of him.

This fantasy has been since I was in grade 7. So young, so naïve and so idealistic. I remember I was just that little girl learning to flick her bean. Just a fantasy. I don't even own a negligee. But it's fun to dream, or escape (whatever you want to call it). I know I wish that I had time to not fold the thousandth load of laundry that's waiting for me in my room right now. I'd much rather be fantasizing about Owen Gray.

Tell me about your fantasies. I'd love to hear about them. It might even make me cream in my panties. Unless you're my aunt or dad reading this. Then I'd rather not hear about it. Click the Yellow BUTTON!
guy kissing and licking a girls back


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