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Techniques to Try While Pleasing Pussies!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

This is in no way an exhaustive list - of course! But here are some fun ways to lessen the pressure in pleasing your pussy having partners!

  • The long slow flat tongue

I’ve heard men refer to this one as the “dog lick” or the “pancake tongue” but I prefer long, slow and flat (as it accurately describes what you’re doing!). Keep your tongue relaxed, and flat - start at the base of the vulva, using the wide flat wet surface of your tongue to contour and cover her whole pussy in a long continuous movement. This type of stimulation is particularly enjoyable as teasing foreplay!

licking tongue on mommys toy shop post by ~b.blooms~

  • Suction around the whole clit (clitoral hood)

Play around with this one! Start with the part of the clitoris that is visible to you. Work in smaller suction circles, larger areas of suction - you can also play with rhythm here. While you should never blow air into your partner's pussy, maybe this is your opportunity for beatboxing gold but with clit sucking sounds. Also the market is full of fun new clit sucking toys so if your tongue/jaw need a quick break you can always tap out and try We-Vibe Melt

While drawing letters with your tongue may not be the fastest way to make your partner cum - it can be a fun way to take some pressure off, bring laughter into the bedroom and turn your pleasure into play as well!

Guy eating a girl out

  • Use your nose to rub the clit while tongue punching her box

This one really only applies if you have the nose for it, but if you do! Good times ;)

  • Occasionally people with pussies find direct stimulation to be a bit overwhelming, and may need breaks and/or a slower build up. I encourage you to use this time to explore other areas of their body, such as the areolas or asshole.

two girls licking tongues and kissing
  • Slow wet sucking kisses along the inside the thigh up to the pussy are one way to either slow down or speed up depending on when you add them into the mix!

  • Let her sit on your face and take the lead - remember to tap out when you need oxygen!

  • Restraints and blindfolds can be fun. When you remove a sense such as sight - everything else can become heightened. Use this to your advantage when playing with a partner! Every lick, every touch - it’s all that much more electric.

girl on her stomach with ass in the air
Nikolay Litov/

  • Start slow & build up. This one is a bit vague, yes, but if your partner is still learning what they enjoy, and what isn’t for them - this time and intentional communication will be worth every patient moment. As a young woman in my early 20’s I had a partner who would expect me to cater to his every sexual whim - while he often ignored or disregarded my pleasure all together. Not only do I shake my head that I put up with being treated this way, I also had to spend time in the years after our split - relearning how to be sexual, relearning how to explore & enjoy my body (rather than just his). So whether you’re in this boat of relearning, maybe your partner is, or perhaps you just want to see if you can get even better at getting each other off - go slow, savour the build up and connect with one another on more than just a physical level. There is nothing more intimate than feeling safe enough to explore with one another.

Volodymyr Hryshchenko

  • Communicate!! Porn has us believing that we can guide or even redirect our partners with a few sexy noises, but the reality is that most of us are not mind readers nor are we following a script. Use your words, body, and movement to express what it is you like and don’t like.


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