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The Plunge Part 2

Continuation from The Plunge

Girl sitting on a guy
Photo Credits : Dainis Graveris

He shouldn’t be with her, it could complicate things in his life but he wants to dominate her, make her his. What lines is he willing to cross? What is he willing to risk?

He wants to grab her every time he sees her in the office, pin her against the wall from behind, grab a fistful of hair yanking her head back to expose her neck to nibble and kiss. For now though he has to settle for subtle glances when nobody is looking, getting just a little too close in passing so that he can trail his hand across her boobs or ass. Caress her leg or back when he comes up behind her.

She can hardly contain her desire for him anymore at the office. Every time he touches her ever so lightly, trailing his fingers across her body it sends a tingle through her and she can feel the wetness between her legs. She longs to have him take her fully, become his dirty slut and obey him. Only a few more days and she will be his. She knows she shouldn’t be with him , that he should be off limits to her but all sensibility escapes her when he is around.

Every night she dreams of him and can’t help but pleasure herself. Squeezing her large tits, while sliding her fingers into her juicy pussy, imagining all the things he will do to her when they are finally alone.

Finally that day has come that they will be alone, can they just spend time together without it being sexual? He meets her after work at her place, they sit and talk, try to find a movie to watch, anything to distract them but it’s not working.

They exchange subtle glances, an accidental touch. She lets her hair down and he can’t help but run his hands through it, runs his fingers across her back and neck. She rubs her hands over the softness of his shaved head. They can both feel the sexual tension in the air. He gets up to go outside and take a puff to cool off. When he sits back down next to her he takes one look and can’t resist the urge anymore. He leans in and pulls her close for a deep kiss, she lets go and falls into him. When they pull apart, they just look at each other and know that they won’t be able to stop there.

Slowly he runs his hand up and down her leg, moving up towards those big tits that he has been wanting to get his hands on. He takes them in his hands, slides them under her shirt. He can feel her nipples harden at his touch and it only makes him want her more. He slides his hand up her dress and runs his hand across her panties, he can feel the wetness coming through and needs to feel her. He slides his fingers into her wet pussy, while she releases a low moan feeling his touch.

They make their way up to her bedroom. Slowly she undresses in front of him, he takes her breast into his mouth and licks and teases it. Gently he lays her down on her bed and slides his fingers back into her. Rubbing her clit and driving in and out of her with his hands. He lays down next to her and whispers in her ear that he can’t do more than get her off this way because he isn’t ready to cross any further lines. Sucking on her firm tits and pounding his fingers into her he brings her to her first climax. She wants more, needs more. He grabs her Satisfyer and slides it into her, letting the suction do the work on her clit. He continues to drive her over the edge and asks her what she wants, she just looks at him and with that look he can’t hold back anymore. He moves in front of her, seeing her juices dripping from her pussy, he can’t hold back anymore. He takes the plunge, drives his tongue into her pussy. Feeling his tongue on her, his beard tickling her thighs is driving her crazy. Once he tastes the sweetness he knows he can’t stop, he wants more. He can feel her body shudder as he brings her over the edge again but he doesn’t stop. He won’t stop until she begs him to. He drives the vibrator into her tight pussy again and watches as her body shakes with the next orgasm and then devours her pussy again, enjoying every last drop of her. He comes up next to her again and tells her he wants her to taste herself off his lips and beard and kisses her again deeply. He fingers her more bringing her to crest a few more times until she can’t take anymore and she pleads with him to stop.

They lay there for a few minutes to regain composure. As she is getting dressed he grabs her from behind, with one hand on the front of her neck and the other grabbing her tits he leans her back and whispers in her ear that he may not have been able to cross the final line and take her fully today but he will eventually.

She can give him what his girlfriend doesn’t and he wants all of her and knows that one day he will take what he wants.


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