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Training - First Time Using A Butt Plug (MF)

Unveiling Desires: Lydia and Victor's Intimate Journey with butt plugs

The rope tightened around Lydia’s wrists until it was snug, as Victor made a knot securing her hands firmly in the middle of her back.

They had talked about it.

Of course, they had talked about it.

That didn’t stop goosebumps from erupting across Lydia’s soft skin and it certainly hadn’t stayed the thrum of her heart in her chest. As she lay there she could hear Victor make his way across the room and over to the dresser.

Lydia lifted her head and twisted on the bed to see what he was doing — But she knew what he was doing.

One evening, after a few glasses of wine and a romantic dinner, Lydia had confessed something that had surprised her husband of five years. To his credit, as he always did when she shared a fantasy, he made it a desire.

Soon he returned, a small pale pink butt plug in one hand, and a water-based lubricant in the other. As he glanced over Lydia timidly met his gaze and he seemed to pause in his stride before placing the items nearby on the nightstand.

Victor ran his large hand over Lydia’s smooth back before finally caressing her plump backside.

“Take a deep breath. Just relax,” he coaxed.
woman bent over with a man taking over her g-string TVERDOKHLIB

Finally, she let her forehead rest on the plush blanket and Victor slowly peeled her thong over her hips and down her shapely legs. Lydia reserved herself to keep her eyes forward as she heard the sound of a bottle being squeezed before thick liquid sputtered out.

Victor gently spread her rump and his finger began in gentle circles over her puckered sphincter applying a cool slick liquid. She squirmed at the new sensation but Victor’s hand found her hip.

“Where are you going?”

The taunt caused heat to spread up the back of Lydia’s neck and into her cheeks.

“I thought you wanted this,” the hand on her hip snaked between her thighs to rub at her clit as he spoke pulling a moan from her. “It’ll be a tight fit but we have to get you ready for my cock somehow.”

Despite herself, Lydia’s thighs opened and she lifted her hips into his hand wantonly.

“There you go,” Victor encouraged.

He continued his motions on her clit, while reaching for the plug.

Suddenly the soft silicone teased at her asshole, a solid intrusive feeling that made her back bow. Still, the toy only pressed, testing the resistance of her tight hole. The feeling of Victor’s hand grinding on her clit had begun to take over as her need began to pool between her thighs.

She began to writhe against his hand suddenly the pressure on her sphincter and she tensed in response.

“Relax,” his tone was softer now.

He focused his attention on her center once again until the wet sound of his hand rubbing over her now-drenched slit grew louder. Lydia moaned as her hands twisted against the bindings and suddenly her asshole gave. Her puckered hole stretched just enough to accept the tip of the plug.

“Good girl,” the praise came out as a low rumble from in Victor’s chest.

His finger slipped inside her, careful to keep a light pressure on the plug. He expertly worked his finger until the sound of her arousal filled the room and Lydia needily began to push back letting her tight ass swallow more of the pink plug. Her back arched and she squirmed on the bed as she felt herself stretch to accommodate the toy.

After a few seconds, the plug finally bottomed out and Victor punctuated the occasion with a firm slap to her supple rump.

“That wasn’t so bad. Was it?”

Victor stepped back and Lydia could hear him undo his belt before letting his pants fall to the floor.

“You look so cute with a plug in your ass.”

Lydia hid her face in the mattress at the compliment but there was little time to be embarrassed.

A firm hand gripped both sides of Lydia’s hips, lifting them off the bed. The blonde quickly spread her thighs, letting her back arch as she rested her face on the bed. The bulbous head of Victor’s rod ran tauntingly through her wet folds and she moaned in response.

He groaned as he slowly sunk into her warm, wet depths until his balls rested against her clit. After a moment of savoring the way her tight muscles held him, he finally began to thrust inside her. The even pace seemed to cause Lydia to ache for more and she pushed back wantonly into his hips.


A bright red mark began to spread where his hand had landed on her backside, coloring her skin. Victor began to rock his hips with purpose, driving himself deep into her each time.


Lydia twisted and his hand found her hip, pressing her down hard into the bed. A hand closed around Lydia’s throat and every sensation seemed to intensify. The head of his cock connected repeatedly with her G-spot until a wet, messy sound joined the noise of slapping skin.

“Please?” Lydia gasped out. “Can I cum?”

“Cum for me.”

At the instruction Lydia let her orgasm rock through her body as waves of pleasure rolled through her. She tightened, clenching around his throbbing member as she climaxed.


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