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The Sex Toys Queen (A Lesbian Adult Toy Story)

Hayley has a secret she doesn't want Melanie to know, and it involves sex toys and her addiction to adult toys shopping

Which is kind of silly, really, given how sweet, how kind, and how understanding Melanie has always been. But some things are irrational, Hayley figures, like her aversion to sharing this, the secret she'll take to her grave.

Naturally then, eight months into their relationship, Melanie finds out anyway.

"Hon, sorry to just drop in on you, but I had a dentist appointment just down the street and I need to pee so, so badly right now. Do you mind if I -- oh. Wow."

Hayley had her music going, or she would have heard Mel's key in the lock. Not that that would have given her much time to hide the sex toys.

"Is that… a dildo?" Mel asks.

Hayley is frozen in shock at the sudden appearance of her sweet, kind, loving, and ultimately, very vanilla girlfriend. "Uh… uh..." she stutters out. The long, blue tentacle toy she's still holding flops pathetically as Hayley's other hand goes to her face.

"Hayley… you okay?"

"You didn't knock?!"

Mel holds up her hands in defence, leaning away, lest the blue dong become an instrument of violence. "Sorry, baby, I'm so sorry. I didn't realise you were… what are you doing, washing it?"

Hayley winces when Mel recoils from the toy. She lowers the dildo, tucking it behind her back. "No, sorry, I didn't mean to shout. I'm not mad. You just… startled me, that's all."

Mel poorly bites back a smile. "And one should never, ever startle a girl holding a forty-four inch tentacle dick."

"It's not that big," Hayley says sheepishly; she's very familiar with all seven and a half inches.

Mel hums in amusement. "So, you're washing up after some fun? Too bad the dentist took so long."

"No, I wasn't… Yes, I was washing them, but no fun to speak of. I try to do a full clean once a month, even if I haven't used them." Hayley truly hears the words as they leave her lips and sees Mel's eyebrows fly up.

"'Them'? How many dildos do you have, girl?"

Hayley's face burns. "Um. For the record, I did not want you to find out like this. Or, you know, find out at all, ever."

"That my favourite girl is a toy collector and into tentacles? Babe…" Mel tilts her head, giving Hayley a sweet smile. "You're cute. Now show me the dicks."

Hayley does. From the blue one to the one that's shaped like three tentacles twisted together, Hayley shows them all.

"Wow," Melanie whistles. "You know -- oh fuck, I still have to pee."

"Go, go," Hayley says as Mel darts for the washroom. Maybe a second to collect herself would make her heart stop racing.

"Babe. Baby. Honey," Mel says when she comes back. "I know you didn't want me to see all four hundred of these, but --"

"Thirteen," Hayley corrects. "I'm a collector, not a hoarder."

She starts again. "I know you didn't want me to see your tidy baker's dozen worth of toys, but… You know I don't think any different of you, right? Still adore you, still wanna fuck you. Maybe with one of these tentacles one day."

Hayley feels heat returning to her cheeks. "Oh, um…"

"Don't answer now. I gotta run, but seriously, adore you. Glad you showed me this part of you. Do you want to come over tonight? I have something to show you too. So long as we're sharing secrets."

Hayley doubts it's on par with her thirteen large dildos secret, but she's glad Melanie wants to reciprocate. "Yeah. Is eight too late?"

"Eight's perfect," Melanie says with a kiss.


Hayley knocks on the door and Melanie greets her with a dildo in her hand.

"Thought it was only fair. Not quite as… unique as yours, but… Well, it's bigger," she jokes, waving it for Hayley to see.

"Funny," Hayley says, rolling her eyes fondly. "Hey… is that…"

"A hand? Yes."

Hayley is briefly too stunned for words. She eyes the toy carefully. It's pretty; pink and peach silicone marbled together. It looks fairly flexible, with ridges and curves, and little moulded fingernail details. It's definitely a hand.

Melanie looks mildly sheepish. "Is that too weird for you?"

"No, it's not too weird," Hayley says. "What, uh… Does it feel like? Being stretched like that? Or did you buy it this afternoon just to show it off?"

Melanie grins at her. "I have had this baby for like, six years. His name is Marvin. My first toy ever."

"You have more toys?"

"I have more big toys," Melanie says. "Five in total. It's not thirteen, but… It's a niche not a lot of people think of."

"Show me," Hayley asks. She's definitely seen huge dildos before online, even almost ordered one, but the thought of seeing one up close, especially one she knows has made her girlfriend cum… It's giving her a thrill.

"Show you what it feels like?" Mel teases.

"Oh, no, I meant…"

"I know what you meant. But I really wanna see you fuck it. Or even fuck you with it," she says. "I've been thinking about you cumming with a big, fat toy in your pussy since I left your place."

"Oh god. Maybe. It's… not the worst idea. Or I could watch you?" Hayley asks.

"Well, I do have five of them…" Melanie reminds her. "And I know you wanna try it."

That's the only push Hayley needs. She latches onto Melanie, stripping her of her top and kissing her fiercely. There's a flurry of hands and loose clothing flying and one peachy-pink dildo in the mix until they find their way blindly to Melanie's bed. Melanie gives her a little shove until she's flat on her back and nudges her thighs apart.

"Take this one," she says, pushing 'Marvin' into Hayley's hands. "God, fuck, I want to see this so badly." She runs her fingers down the front of Hayley's panties, tickling her clit through the fabric.

"Already wet," Hayley mumbles, wriggling out of her damp underwear.

"Good," Melanie says, kicking off her own. "Me too, and I'd hate to be alone." She reaches into the nightstand.

"I'm right here with you -- hey," Hayley says. "How come yours is smaller?"

"It's Marvin's little sister," Melanie explains, showing off the smaller hand toy. "Belladonna. And calm down, she's smaller by an inch and half."

Hayley laughs, until Melanie props herself up on one elbow and pushes the entire hand into her own slick pussy in one motion. Hayley's laugh turns into a groan.

"Fuck, Mel, yes," she moans. "You're so fucking hot like that."

Melanie beams and thrusts the dildo in and out. "It feels good; love having a fist inside me. Try it, Hayley, come on."

Hayley's not new to sex toys, but the texture and shape are unfamiliar territory. She rubs the toy's fingertips against her clit experimentally, biting down on another moan. The hype behind big sex toys check out so far.

When she pushes it inside, it makes an obscene squelching noise. Hayley's nose wrinkles; she knows she's wet, dripping even, without the audible reminder, but it makes Melanie whine. A moment after she registers the sound, she realises how full she is.

"So hot," Mel says. "Fuck that hand, show me how good it makes you feel." She doesn't stop fucking her own toy into herself as she watches Hayley test out angles.

When Hayley glances up again, she can tell Mel's close already. She's red-faced and panting, the dildo noisily pumping in and out, spreading slick down her thighs and over her hand.

"Oh please, cum, baby," Hayley says, wriggling closer to her on the bed and putting her head against Mel's shoulder. "Please? I wanna see it. Want to lick you clean after." Just the thought of the taste of her girlfriend makes Hayley's own pace speed up a little, fucking herself a little faster, spreading her pussy open wide with the silicone hand.

Melanie cums with a loud whine, head thrown back and a bead of sweat that traces down her neck. Hayley cranes her neck to lick at it while Mel stretches out like a contented cat. But then, instead of flopping back and getting comfortable, she leans over to Hayley with the slick toy still in her hand.

"My girl wants a double fisting, hmm?" she asks. Before Hayley can reply, she continues, "I know you meant lick my pussy, but open up. I want to see what it'd be like if you could take a few. I might find one for your ass, too, fill you up properly."

It's Hayley's turn to whine at Melanie's dirty talk, and when she does, Mel pops the end of the wet dildo between her lips.

Hayley's never been one for sucking on her toys, or boys, or anything besides a nice pussy, but the taste of Melanie's slick juices and the unique shape make Hayley want to suck it down almost right away.

She slurps on the toy, feeling the girth fill her mouth, feeling the smooth texture, and tasting the perfect tang of Melanie's pussy enveloping her mouth, all the while fucking her cunt with the other hand shaped dildo.

"Here," Melanie says, pushing her hand away. "I want to fuck you, my girl. You just lie back and imagine what I'm doing with my fist inside you."

Hayley's helpless then, fucked by by two ruthless hands in her mouth and pussy until she's nearly frantic. She moans around the intruder in her mouth and claws at the sheets. Melanie keeps a steady pace and purrs filth into Hayley's ear, telling her how fucking good she looks with her vulnerable holes stretched wide, how wet she is, how the room smells like sex and pussy.

She switches up her grip on the sex toy in Hayley's pussy, enough to free up a finger to tickle at sensitive places. "Cum. Now," Melanie instructs, voice husky and wanting.

Melanie's not playing around, dragging her slick finger in a circle around Hayley's clit. "Cum for me, cum on these huge hands until you fucking lose control."

When Hayley cums, she groans low in her throat, a growl almost, and tenses. A dribble squirts from her pussy, then another. Melanie doesn't let up, fucking Hayley until a torrent pours from her, soaking her thighs and running down her ass.

Hayley gasps at the shock of sensation and the hand sinks a little deeper into her mouth, bumping the back of her throat and making her splutter and cough. She flails for Mel.

Melanie discards both toys quickly and drags Hayley into her lap, away from the majority of the wet spot she'd made on the sheets. "Oh, oh, baby, you did so well." She rubs Hayley's shoulder soothingly. "I didn't mean to choke you."

"I didn't mean to mess the sheets up," Hayley murmurs.

"What, that? That was fucking hot," Melanie assures her. "Plus, I've got clean sheets. I'm not a complete gremlin."

Hayley's still coming down from her orgasm, feeling a little loopy. Melanie's looking at her with a warm, pleased expression and Hayley can't tell if it's because she's expecting something, or just admiring Hayley's sweaty face for some weird reason. "I like your big toys," she admits, in case it's the former.

Melanie laughs and lies them both comfortably across the bed. "I like that you like them, my beautiful girl."

Hayley's buzzing with bliss, snuggled in beside Melanie, immediately post-orgasm, taste of her girlfriend's pussy in her mouth, and nowhere to be for hours and hours. She should be drifting right off to sleep… But the toy collector inside Hayley needs to know and will not let her rest until she finds out.

"Do the fists come in different colours? Like, if we went down to the adult store?"

Melanie laughs again, long and loud, rubbing her thumb in circles against Hayley's shoulder. "I'm sure they do, sweetie. We'll go look together tomorrow, okay?"


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