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Dressing room fun with a stranger (MF) Cheating Husband

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Like most girls, I love going shopping. Especially looking for lingerie that I can present to whoever is being interested in seeing it.

So, what else was there to do on a lonely Saturday afternoon? Exactly. Going shopping for new lingerie that I could use for tonight’s date. With the idea in my head, I went to the shopping center and into one of my favorite stores. Looking around for what I might like a cute floral almost see-through bra caught my eye and I needed to think about how hot that would look with my nipple piercing seeing through. But I couldn’t just wear a bra, could I? so I went on the look for a panty as well figuring a red one would look nice due to it being Christmas soon.

After a bit of searching, I soon found a nice panty that I decided would match the bra nicely and went into the dressing room, I pulled the curtains in front of the doorframe but not before making eye contact with one of the males that seemed to wait on someone in front of another dressing room. We smiled at each other, and he glanced at my choice of underwear nodding approvingly. I gave a small chuckle and headed inside, pulling the dress over my head and undressing completely before I put on the bra and panties looking at myself in the mirror, my 85 C cup (European size) seemed to fit nicely in the bra, and my nipples were barely showing, my nipple piercing then again was more visible. The red panties were partly string so they hugged around my ass giving it a nice shape and look, as the fabric was lace made it a little see-through, to the point where you could tell that I just had shaved. I took a few spins in the mirror before I pulled away the curtain slightly and looked at the male with that I had made eye contact before. Still holding the curtain fabric in front of my body so that he couldn’t exactly see what was going on.

“Excuse me…can I ask you for your opinion” I said quietly not wanting anyone else but him to hear and he smiled.

“Of course.” He said after taking a few steps towards me, that was the moment when I let the curtain fall and showed him my body in the lingerie.

“Hmm give me a second,” he said after looking me up and down and I nodded before seeing him walk back to the other dressing room and poke his head inside. I could barely get a glimpse of the woman in the room, she seemed old and run down wearing a pair of something you would call grandma underwear, but as it had the price tag on, I assume she wants to buy this.

“Darling. I will go ahead and find the bathroom”

The male said in a gentle and innocent tone, and I could hear a “yes that’s fine” from the woman. Even her voice sounded rundown. After closing the curtain again, he walked over to me and pushed me inside the room looking me deeply in the eyes.

“This is what you want right now, right?”

He asked, and I smiled. Reaching past him I pulled the curtain shut and tangled my arms around his neck before kissing him. He kissed back, deeply desiring. After a few moments, he turned me around and made me kneel on the little bench in front of me. Unbuttoning his pants and through the mirror, I could see his hard throbbing dick probably 6-7 inches ready to go inside my wet pussy. I pulled the panties down so that I wouldn’t dirty them….at least not yet. That was the moment he pushed inside, his dick pushing past my pussy lips and into my tight hole making me gasp lightly. As he was fully inside he leaned over me and whispered into my ear.

“I haven’t had sex in 7 months, I hope you can handle something,”

He said, and I nodded quietly before he started pounding into me, stopping right before his skin would hit mine so that it would stay quiet all the time. I was in heaven, this man could fuck, and he was desperate on the top of that, giving the perfect combination. He pounded into my pussy as I just gasped quietly, we could hear the woman on the opposite side open her curtain, seems like his wife was leaving without knowing that her husband was pushing his precum inside my pussy right now.

He pounded harder and harder to the point where quiet smacking noises came and my legs started shivering. In a swift movement, he picked me up and lifted me holding me in the air with my legs still spread as we watched each other in the mirror. This was so hot, and I could tell we both were getting close. As we edged more and more, I turned my head to kiss him. Making sure that no sound left our mouths before I could feel his hot liquid shooting inside of me. That was enough for me to cum as well and my pussy juices started to drip on the floor.

After we came down from our high, he pulled out and I got dressed in the clothes I came with. He took the lingerie and left the room before returning the bra and panties in a bag and smiled “as a little thank you” he added before the handsome stranger left and I thought I would never see him again.

It wasn’t until I came home that I noticed the little note in the bag with the lingerie, on the note was a number and the words.

“Loved the little adventure, call me if you ever feel up for it again”

I couldn’t help but smile, quickly saving the number on my phone and then went to get ready for my second fuck date of the evening. I don’t think I need to mention that I surely will call this handsome stranger again tomorrow…also I need new lingerie, now that I have money to spare again.


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