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Gamer girl gets fucked while playing MMORPG

I was like every day laying on the sofa comfy booty shorts on not caring that half my ass was poking out tank top in place and headset on, my long curly hair running down my back while playing my MMORPG. My team was close to winning the competitive round so I was really focused. So focused that I didn’t notice my stepbrother who moved in with us a month ago coming into the room.

Funny enough I meet my stepbrother at a bar once and hooked up with him on the girls’ toilets just to come home the next day and see him sitting at the kitchen table with my stepdad and my mom announcing that this is my new family now. I think I don’t need to mention that there were more incidents where Daniel and I happened to run into each other and have sex. Today wouldn’t be any different, our parents were out enjoying a weekend off, and we had already slept together 4 times just this weekend, so I thought I would get some peace while playing online. But guess Daniel didn’t think so. As he walked into the living room and saw my butt sticking out, he saw it as an invitation. He sat down beside me and gently started stroking my plump ass while I gasped in surprise and glanced over my shoulder at him just to focus back on my game the next second “Hnn not now I am busy” I tried to say but it didn’t help as his hand already slipped under the fabric massaging my bare skin. I wasn’t wearing panties, so he soon found my slit that already was getting wet. Hell, I wanted it too, but I also wanted to play the game.

sexy adult girl playing video games
Jeff Thrower/

“Do what you want but let me finish this game” I said and even though I didn’t look at him I knew he was smiling. Getting between my legs he pulled down my pants and massaged my ass cheeks slapping them occasionally before he leaned down to taste my wet pussy. His tongue moved over my clit then down between my wet folds and slightly pushed himself inside as if he wanted to taste every drop that exited my body. I couldn’t help but moan as he moved back over my clit and started to suck on it before he started fingering me. He knew exactly what he was doing, he was great at oral and knew where I liked to be touched. My body was still sensitive from the past rounds, and I couldn’t hold back my moans as I tried to focus on the game. The timer told me that it was only 15 min left, shit I had to win.

Soon enough I felt movement behind me and then there it was his 6-inch dick slides inside my wet hole, and I moaned loudly feeling him pushing my pussy and stretching it. 6-inches might not sound like much but hell he was thick and exactly knew how to use it, on top of that was my pussy Hella tight so it’s a perfect match. He started pounding my tight pussy as I did my best to play the game, I was a healer, so it was ok but still hard to focus. I could hear Daniel moan he was obviously enjoying it and for a moment it felt like he was getting bigger inside of me. Shit was he about to cum soon? That fast? I wondered but honestly, I didn’t mind I wanted his milk inside of me I wanted to feel him cum knowing that I am the cause of it. I lifted my ass slightly giving a more pleasurable angel for both of us and his balls hit my clit every time he pushed himself inside bringing me closer and closer to my own orgasm.

I could feel my stepbrother's dick far into my pussy his tip reaching the end and pushing against my g-spot and pussy walls. I was a moaning mess at this point, I couldn’t focus on the game anymore and we were starting to lose, but I didn’t care all I cared about was that fat dick trembling between my lips. Bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. My breath speed up as I moaned and gasped.

“Shit yes! Don’t stop! Harder please!”

I moaned wanting to feel the full force, and Daniel did as I asked slamming his dick inside of me as I tightened around him, feeling every vein and throb that was coming from him. His precum and my juices mixed up making this wonderful wet sound together with the well-known clapping noise that almost got canceled over by our moans. Daniel leaned down and pushed the headset away from my one ear before whispering

“I’m about to cum”

In his sweet, but deep voice and that was enough to get me over the edge.

“Nah me too”

I managed to almost scream and gasped as he hit just the right spot deep inside of me suddenly there was this wet feeling leaking under my knees, but I couldn’t focus on it as I was overwhelmed with pleasure, it made my whole body shake and tremble as I moaned loudly and tightened around him, feeling him throb and leaking his warm seeds inside of me with a moan. He pushed a few more times inside of me to empty his balls fully and then pulled out looking at the cream pie that was starting to drop out of my pussy. Never had I been that happy that we had a leather couch. I looked down and saw a wet spot underneath me together with his seeds and blushed.

“I guess I squirted”

I mentioned before the music on my headset told me that we had lost the game. “Shit, I lost” I muttered and that’s when the moan on the headset caught my attention. Fuck I totally forgot I was in a group call with my other teammates that probably heard the whole thing and were jerking of now. Out of embarrassment I turned off everything quickly and looked at Daniel who probably understood what was happening. “How about we go for a shower to clean up?” he asked amused, and I nodded my face red.

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