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Discovering New Pleasures

I am a sex toy addict, with a vast variety of vibrators, plugs, kink toys, and dildos. Think about it, and I probably have it. But I must admit, all these normal sex toys are becoming boring. The vibrators are constantly out of battery, I'm not always in the mood for plugs, and dildosโ€ฆ well, they are just that, right? A human male penis is shaped for us women to pleasure ourselves. I've used a dildo in all my fantasies, imagining scenarios with my boss, my stepbrother, my neighbor, my childhood best friend, and even fantasizing that my female friend is using a dildo on me. But I need something new, something that will reignite my excitement, and today I found it. After a quick browse on my favorite adult store, I discovered something that piqued my interest.

They were titled "Creature Cocks," dildos in all kinds of weird shapes and forms with the most incredible textures, from tentacles to hellhounds and even a space alien one. Intrigued, I quickly decided on the Hellhound and one that called itself the Scaly Dragon.

A Surreal Encounter

Now, with my room door locked and a spicy fantasy playlist running in the background, I examined my two new treasures. The dragon one had spikes along the shaft, which just by thinking about how it might feel inside of me, gave me tingles. The hellhound resembled a proper canine member, even featuring a little knot at the bottom, which I could only imagine would feel amazing once I orgasmed. I let my hands trail over my naked body, feeling my nipples harden against the cold evening air in the room, closing my eyes and surrendering to my imagination. Laying back on the bed, I massaged my breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze, and felt my body react to the touch. Soft gasps and breaths escaped my lips as I succumbed to the rising lust, my hand exploring my body, gliding over my hips, and sending little tingles before reaching my thighs where I squeezed again, relishing the throb in my pussy.

An Unexpected Visitor

Then, something unexpected happened. A hand that wasn't mine moved up over my exposed skin, gently holding my throat, with a thumb brushing against my parted lips. Surprised, I opened my eyes and looked directly into those of a long, dark-haired male, with dark green eyes and narrow pupils. Even more unexpected were the horns on his head. He almost resembled a humanoid dragon, but as he stood there, displaying his muscular upper body, I couldn't resist; he had me completely under his control. His lips curved into a small smirk as he pushed his thumb into my mouth, and I instantly began sucking on it, maintaining eye contact. His other hand traced over my body, bypassing my chest and moving between my legs, just holding it against my damp opening, which made me shiver with anticipation.

Sensual and mystical encounter between a woman and a humanoid dragon, illustrating a story of exotic and otherworldly desire. The scene evokes a sense of forbidden sensuality and mythical intrigue, with a humanoid dragon figure featuring dark green eyes, horns, and a muscular build in a suggestive and artistic representation

Embracing the Desire

"Someone is way too eager. Then again, if you are a good girl and prove to me that you really want to experience my cock, I might give in," he said in a bittersweet deep voice, and I was instantly drawn into his words.

Letting my tongue circle around his thumb as if it were the most delicious cock I had ever tasted. Even as he inserted his index and middle finger into my mouth, I continued sucking, licking, and taking them as deep as I could, all while feeling the wetness between my legs press against the palm of his hand. He seemed to appreciate my actions because he adjusted his hand so that his thumb was now against my clit, meaning that whenever I moved, I would feel the touch, which then made me grind my hips against his hand. I wanted to cum, to prove that I wanted his member inside of me. Moans interspersed with the slurping sounds, and soon he relented a bit, sliding a finger between my wet pussy lips, moving it just enough to tease but still allowing me to do most of the work.

My orgasm approached, drawing nearer with each movement, my actions becoming sloppier as I neared the brink. My desperation was evident, shivers coursing through my body, and I struggled to maintain eye contact with the handsome dragon male, but I couldn't; my eyes kept closing due to the intense pleasure from his touch. My insides began throbbing, preparing to release an explosion of fireworks and butterflies in the form of an orgasm. Yet, before I could reach the peak, I felt his hands withdraw, and I opened my eyes in confusion, only to see the long-haired male pulling off his pants to reveal his spiky member.

โ€œGood girl. You have convinced me that having fun with you will not be a waste of my time,โ€ he said while moving between my legs and pushing them open, placing his tip against my wet entrance.

A Climactic Journey

As the humanoid dragon positioned his unique, spiked member at my eager entrance, a thrill of anticipation surged through me. The sensation of the soft yet firm tip pressing against me was exquisite, unlike anything I had felt before. With each inch he advanced, my body welcomed him, the spikes providing a delicious blend of pleasure and a hint of sweet pain that I had never known I craved.

His powerful hands roamed my body with a possessive touch, igniting fires of desire wherever they landed. When he captured my nipple between his fingers, twisting gently but firmly, a sharp gasp escaped my lips, sending waves of pleasure radiating through my core. His movements were deliberate, each thrust designed to explore and conquer new depths of my longing.

The dragon's deep, rumbling voice filled the room, his words dripping with lust,

'You are mine to pleasure, to explore, to satisfy.'

His tone, commanding yet seductive, sent shivers down my spine, amplifying the intense connection between us. I was his canvas, and he was the artist, painting strokes of ecstasy with his unique anatomy, pushing me toward a climax that promised to be as intense as it was unprecedented.

Our coupling was a symphony of primal urges, the sound of our union echoing off the walls, a testament to the raw, unbridled passion we shared. The bed became our altar, and the actโ€”a ritual, celebrating the carnal desire that bound us in that timeless moment.

As I teetered on the brink of an earth-shattering orgasm, his grip tightened, a silent promise that he would not let me fall alone. Together, we plunged into the abyss of pleasure, our bodies entwined, our spirits mingling in a dance as old as time yet as fresh as the dawn of creation.

The Aftermath of Fantasy Sex toys

When the world returned into focus, and I found myself alone, the absence of his weight was a poignant reminder of the ephemeral nature of our encounter. Yet the smoldering satisfaction that lingered in my veins was a testament to the reality of our passionโ€”a passion that I yearned to rekindle with my next adventure into the realm of the forbidden and fantasy sex toys."


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