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Feeling a little Foxy? (FM)

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I am sure everyone has seen these types of animal tails that are connected to a butt plug right? They can be hella adorable if they are your thing and as I found out, they are my thing. So, on a lonely Saturday, I decided I would go and get such an adorable tail myself to experience what it’s like. Heading into the adult shop my decision soon fell on a brown tail with a white tip and a medium-sized butt plug attached to it.

As soon as I was home, I knew I had to try it out. The problem I didn’t think about beforehand, I have never really done butt stuff other than having a finger there or something. I bought a bottle of lube for my new experiment that fit the metallic butt plug and once I was laying down in my bed comfortable sexy music on and fully nude, I squeezed some into my hand. I knew that I had to prepare myself first, so I did. Covering my ass opening with the sticky lube I gently pushed a finger inside. My cheeks turned red at the thought of what would happen if people saw me like this. Fingering my back entrance gently just to fit a tail afterward. I could feel the unused feeling of my finger wiggling around in the tight hole and to be honest, it turned me on. Soon I added another finger to spread my hole more and I gasped this sensation was giving me shivers. It was new and exciting but at the same time, I was so nervous about what this adventure will hold for me. After a minute I started scissoring my entrance to make sure that I could get the ultimate stretch. My other opening started leaking into my hand. Shit, I was horny, but I knew I wasn’t ready yet. Another finger was added and by now I wasn’t as super tight anymore, some more scissoring and a few gentle rubs on my clit and I was ready to go. Lubing up the plug I took a deep breath and pushed it against my entrance slowly slide into my opening a wave of ecstasy hit me and I couldn’t help but gently drag my hand along the tail and start pulling it slightly out before letting it slide back in with the tight muscles while my other hand started pleasuring my front side.

girl with fox tail butt plug in her anus and cat toes socks on
Artic Fox Entertainment

In a matter of seconds, I reached a gasping orgasm, if it was because of the new experience that made me incredibly horny or nervous, I don’t know. But I know that it was amazing.

Once I came down from my high slowly moved to stand up from my bed and walked over to the mirror in my room looking at myself in the mirror looking at the adorable tail sticking out of my but. I like that accessory. On top of that, I could feel it move inside of me whenever I moved so it added on to my pleasure keeping my hole craving and buzzing for more all the time.

While standing in the mirror and looking at myself I got an idea. An idea that I had wanted to try for a long time now but never really dared to do. But I had found new confidence with this tail I felt cute and kinky so I would try it out. Without second guessing I moved to my closet and pulled out a knee-length summer dress considering it was spring outside I guessed matched with a cardigan would be enough. I pulled it over my naked body and smiled, looking again into the mirror. You couldn’t see the tail anymore as the dress covered it. But I knew it was there. I knew that if I would go outside now it wouldn’t show. I also pulled on a cardigan, got some matching shoes, took my purse, and headed out. Just like that with a tail in my ass and no underwear on.

I walked all kinds of places to the grocery store where I just got a package of gum and a bottle of water. To a bakery for a little muffin that I thought I deserved for all my bravery today and eventually to the park where I decided to eat the muffin. During that, I was texting my friends with benefits. Or better said my fuck friend keeping him updated about everything and he seemed to love it, sitting at a park bench in a rather quiet area I got another message from him, and I blushed instantly. The message said, “send me proof that you really are naked”. He wanted me to show him that….in public there was no way I could, right? Or could I? my thoughts were cut off as my phone pinged one more time

“NOW! You know I don’t like to wait kitten”

Shit. He had that irresistible dominant side and I wanted to show him I really did. I took a deep breath and turned the camera of my phone on deciding to take a video starting the recording I looked around as I didn’t see anyone I continued and pulled down my dress slightly soon my pink nipples and teardrop boobs could be seen by the world and my phone camera. Pulling the dress back up I moved my phone downwards to be more exact I pulled up the skirt of the dress and showed the world my shaven pussy and the slight hint of tail between my legs quickly put my skirt down as I saw someone in the distance. Shit, did he see me? What should I do now? Thinking fast I took a deep breath switched to the front camera and started filling the park as the person walked past, I added: “yeah I am so happy with my shoes they are great to walk in I walked all the way to Jefferson statue.” I said pretending I was talking to a friend or someone while showing off my shoes instead of my pussy. The male gave me a glance and walked past me, and I took a deep breath as he didn’t seem to suspect anything. I sent the video explaining the situation and went on to eat the muffin while scrolling through the media on my phone as I felt someone tug on my tail and lean into my ear

“What a naughty kitten you are”

A deep dominant male voice whispered and I froze realizing that the tail must have been showing after the scare with the male looking at the person worried that something would happen to me now my heart sunk as I recognized my fuck friend sitting beside me with the biggest smile on earth. “You sent me your location in the video I thought I give it a try” he said laughing and I sighted muttering something along the lines of him being mean and all.

I don’t think I need to mention that we ended up fucking that night. And I found out that the tail makes a great handle for sex as well as it’s a great way to prepare someone for anal but that’s a story for another time.


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