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First Experience With a Sex Toy and My Best Friend is Helping Me. Part 2

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I looked into Kyla’s eyes. Laying there just my soaked panties remaining on my body. That small piece of fabric was the only thing between me and her. the only thing that kept her from exploring my most private. She leaned down and yet again I was entangled in an amazing kiss, the softness of her tongue brushing against mine. Exploring each other’s mouths as hands started wandering. My right hand soon moved onto her back gently stroking it before moving to come together with my left arm to hold around her pulling her closer to me, I wanted to feel this feeling again, like I was on drugs without being on drugs, the feeling of pleasure pulsating through my body, and Kyla was the key to that. I pulled her even closer as her hand came between us gently stroking my tights and then up to my stomach tracing my hourglass figure and my pale skin shivering under her touch. It was like a little tickle, but that little tickle drove me wild.

She traced my body for some minutes while we were tasting each other. I was so into the kissing that I didn’t notice her hand that had already reached my pink panties sliding her finger slightly under the edges, feeling the outline of my shaved pussy every now and then before they would gently, lightly almost unnoticeably rub over my entrance through the wet fabric.

two girls in 69 position kissing stomach

Kyla again started to move tracing my body with her lips leaving marks on the way or just focused on kissing soft sweet spots for a while. Collarbones, between my boobs, the whole way down to my navel, and then back up to my chest, kissing each nipple teasingly before she gave them a lick and then moved down my stomach again. All while I was breathing into the pleasure small moans leaving my lips almost as longing gasps, I wanted more. I wanted everything she could give me. Eventually, she reached the outline of my panties moving her whole body to lay between my legs, and started kissing over the small piece of fabric. I gasped. Never would I have thought that she would do this. I could feel her lips pushing in the wet fabric, first into my skin, then I felt a light pressure on my clit before I felt a warm breath on my opening followed by a tongue, tasting the juices that had collected itself. It felt like I was losing my mind, my face…no my whole body was burning.

“Hmm please, I’m losing my mind!”

Was all I managed to say before she looked at me and smiled “so you really want it then huh? Naughty” Kyla commented, and I couldn’t help but give in to that dominance of hers.

“Yes. Please make me feel good again!”

I almost whined before I felt a gentle bite on my clit and moaned loudly my back arching at the pleasure of the surprising act.

As my body relaxed again, I felt her mouth on the edge of my panties biting into them, and soon the last piece of clothing was getting pulled off with her teeth. Leaving me completely nude shortly after. The pink panties soon landed on the ground and Kyla looked at me standing between my legs as if she was admiring her work. My body was covered with sweat saliva and hickeys running all over, I was a panting mess longing for sensation, my arms above my head as if they were tied together by an invisible rope, between my legs it was worse, my pussy lips were glittering in the little bit of candlelight and violet LDS, giving the whole situation even more erotic tension. Kyla moved her hand stroking my tights, gently. Then further up over my hipbone before her fingers started dancing in circles around my source of pleasure. Teasing me by touching but not actually touching my craving pussy. Then just when I was about to complain about the teasing I could feel it, she had gotten down laying between my legs again without me noticing, and now her tongue was licking from my wet dripping hole the whole way up to my clit and then back down again. I couldn’t help but gasp surprised before I started moaning. Louder than before clear pleasurable moans filled my room as she continued to taste my juices, her tongue piercing not making this any less enjoyable. In fact, it gave me an indescribable sensation feeling that little ball getting tangled with my clit, dancing around it before it started to explore the outer lips of my leaking hole.

Eventually, my body grew closer and closer to the pleasure I felt before, the tension building up again and my moans grew louder as my back started arching again, “hnn Kyla, soo good” I managed to say in a shaky voice and Kyla started focusing on sucking licking, kissing and biting my clit. My hole was pulsating as I felt a finger tracing my outer lips, then my inner lips, and then it was inside of me. My mind went blank, here I was a moaning, whining gasping mess. My best friend between my legs licking and pleasuring my knob and fingering me. Her fingers moved around, moved to find that one spot to get me over the edge the one spot that she could use to take control and control me….and there it was. Pushing a finger upwards she found the rough area also called G-spot sucking on my clit while she played around, my moans grew louder until they were desperate gasps, letting that feeling of ecstasy overtake my body moaned out loudly before starting to shake uncontrollably, and soon having its second orgasm of the night. Kyla greedily started licking up the overflowing juices as she removed her finger and licked that one-off, I watched her in my trance-like state and couldn’t help but smile

“You make it seem like I am a desert or something!”

I whispered relaxed as my body had calmed down.

“Well you are for me. At least you taste hella good!!”

She commented before leaning down and kissing me again, and what can I say I had to agree I didn’t taste that bad as I could taste myself on her lips. When she pulled away, she leaned over to the bedside table and took Justin into her hand “I think it’s time to use this” she said determined and now it was my turn to giggle. “How can I say no to you” I answered and she leaned down giving me one of the last kisses before we started the main event.


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