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Getting a Bunny for Bunny

Janelle's nervous. She has no real reason to be, but Bryn says she's got something exciting to share, and knowing Bryn… It could be anything; a new tattoo, a pet snake, or maybe she's moving to New Mexico and taking up pottery.

Knocking on the door, Janelle runs her hands through her shoulder length hair, trying to rid herself of the nerves and tangles all at once.

"Hey there, Bunny," Bryn says when she opens the door, using Janelle's favourite pet name. "Come in."

Janelle comes in and kicks off her shoes. "What did you need to show me?"

Bryn laughs her sweet, sexy laugh. "I love you, you eager beaver. Well, I got a bonus at work and wanted something we could both enjoy… Take off your clothes."

Janelle's anxiety flies out the window. She shakes her head at her own silly nerves, dark hair flying everywhere. "Oh, one of those surprises."

"Yes, why, what did you think?"

"I didn't know what to think! You're… you."

Bryn leads her to the playroom as Janelle sheds clothing left and right until she's only got her black satin panties. She's got goosebumps in anticipation and she feels herself getting wet as her imagination runs wild. They stop at the closed door.

"Janelle. Bunny. Close your eyes. You trust me, right?"

"Yeah, of course." She closes her eyes as Bryn takes her hand. Janelle hears the whisper of the door opening and can't help her grin.

Bryn pulls her into the room. It was originally the master bedroom, but Bryn decided they needed more space for activities, so she moved her bed into the office and installed all the playroom equipment there instead. It means, yeah, there's a ton of room and with her eyes closed, Janelle has no idea what's going to happen. She doesn't feel anything nearby, but she can hear Bryn moving something along the carpet.

"Keep them closed," Bryn reminds her, somewhere close by.

"Yes, baby."

girl sitting on bench waiting in black bra and bikini bottoms

"I'm gonna take these, Bunny," Bryn says softly, suddenly right in front of Janelle and touching the front of her panties with one hand. Her other hand cups Janelle's breast, thumb over her nipple, pressing gently.

Janelle whimpers and leans into her touch. Bryn pushes the satin down, letting the panties pool on the floor.

"And step over here," Bryn instructs. Janelle takes a few steps before Bryn stops her and puts her hands on Janelle's thighs, gently pushing them apart. Then she steps away again.


"Bunny?" Bryn says. She sounds… low, like she's on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Janelle asks. The air in the room is warm, but her nipples are hard and she's still got goosebumps.

"Getting everything perfect for my Bunny." Bryn's voice has dropped a little, sounding husky and turned on.

Janelle shivers again and hears Bryn's sexy laugh again.

"Okay, open your eyes."

She does. She doesn't immediately recognize the black box on the floor, but realization dawns after a moment. "It's a --"

"It's called the Motorbunny. I saw it, and I had to have it. For us, but mostly for you. Sit please."

"Oh," Janelle breathes. "Baby, I… don't know what to say"

"Don't say anything, just sit, I want to see how fast this thing can make you come."

Janelle lowers herself to the floor, straddling the black machine. When her pussy comes in contact with the cool silicone, she groans.

"I haven't turned it on yet, Bunny," Bryn says.

"Well, I'm turned on!" Janelle exclaims. "You didn't have to do this -- for me!" She squeals the last few words as Bryn turns the dial on the controller and turns the Motorbunny on between her thighs.

"Good Bunny," Bryn says, and Janelle thinks for a second, 'is she talking to me, or the machine?' before her mind goes blank and she can only focus on her own pleasure.

The feeling is like nothing else. They've played with vibrators before, of course, but nothing compares to the all-encompassing sensation the toy between her legs is giving her.

"Bryn," she stammers. "Bryn, I'm going to -- going to come."

"Already? That's good, let it happen. There's plenty of time tonight to turn your legs into jelly." Bryn's got her signature, 'going to make you come until you can't see straight' smirk on and Janelle suddenly needs to kiss her.

blonde cartoon girl orgasm and yelling "yeah"

"Kiss," she says, because the rumbling against her pussy is making it so she can't form full sentences. Bryn leans in, teasing the dial up a little more, and kisses her, long, slow, and dirty. Janelle comes, a dazzling burst of light behind her eyes, whining and panting against Bryn's mouth.

"Good, my sweet Bunny?" Bryn asks, turning the machine off before Janelle gets too overstimulated.

Janelle slumps off the machine, lying on her side to catch her breath. "Unlike anything. Thank you," she says. "Seriously. This is the best gift I've ever gotten."

"Just wait until you see what else it can do," Bryn laughs. "Get yourself organized, then it's round two."

Squeaking, Janelle ducks her face so Bryn can't see her blush, but she's definitely looking forward to round two. And three. And four.


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