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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Girl Experiences Sex Machine Fucking

How far would you go to reach ultimate pleasure. How far would you go to feel someone penetrate you without going on one-night stands or getting a partner? Are toys like dildos, vibrators, or even satisfiers and magic wands enough for you?

In the case of Miriam, she has reached her limits. She needed more, she was curious and loved to play around and experiment. So this step was only natural, she didn’t hesitate as she ordered the new sex machine. Within an hour, it arrived at her door. Of course, the courier didn’t suspect what was in the large box, and she was NOT going to tell him. Carrying the package into her room and un-wrapping it, she smiled. She had bought various attachments to get the full fucking machine experience. She took a deep breath after getting the machine ready, knowing full well that soon it would be penetrating her most valuable insides.

Dimming the lights, changing into some sexy lingerie, and even lighting up some scented candles was what she needed to get into the mood. Yes Miriam was already extremely horny but she had to get into the mood and mind space. Placing a mattress onto the ground covered in blankets and pillows making everything all cozy was the last bit before she lined up the machine and smiled looking at her creation.

Then everything was ready, and she couldn’t wait anymore. Closing her eyes her hands started to move over her body, slim fingers stroking the pale skin only dressed by a little lace. Her fingers soon found her boobs and gave them a gentle squeeze. In her mind the wildest adventure started to unravel itself, enjoying the feeling of her bouncy chest being restricted. Her nipples were the next object of lust, gently rubbing the little knobs, making them stiff and hard against the fresh scented air in the room. That’s when little groans started to escape her lips. Sensitive pink knobs against a pale bouncy chest would be the sight that meets the person who might enter the room and in front of her a sex machine.

Lady cupping her breasts laying back on a bed experiencing an orgasm

After playing with her chest for a bit her fingers traced down the outline of her waist, stomach, and hips until they slightly moved into the middle, ready to capture the point of no return as she let her hands slide over the see-through fabric decorated with black flowers and lace. Her hand soon disappeared behind the soft fabric and started stroking her slightly outward lips. Letting her fingers glide around and onto her soft skin she bit her lips, embracing the tingling feeling as she started to feel her juices flow, creating a damp moist wetness between her legs. She let one of her fingers slide through her slit, letting herself feel her own proof of horniness before she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her finger. Tasting what another person normally would taste when they would lick her wet slit.

This was the point where she couldn’t hold back. Sounds and a slight hum left her throat as the sweet juice spread in her mouth. This was only making Miriam more excited as she reached back down into her lust-filled panties and started rubbing her clit. Moans started to fill the room as she started to sink into the deep pleasure of her own body. Edging on her clit until she could feel the amazing tingles through her body. One last touch through her slit and she decided that she finally was ready, ready to get her new toy to use. With an extra pair of pillows, she lined her entrance up to the attached dildo, having chosen a medium size for her first time. With the remote control in one hand, she squeezed some lube on the toy and spread it before she positioned herself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before moving her entrance closer to the tip of the dildo, soon feeling the cold silicone on her hot lips. That was her sign, she pushed the button on the remote and the toy started moving. First slightly barely moving into her. She could feel her lips spread open giving the artificial cock access to her deep insides. It felt strange, a little cold even. She pushed one more time and the toy sped up, this time going deeper, not enough to get fully inside but enough for her eyes to open and for a gasp to leave her throat.

She could feel the dildo getting heated up by her juices making it easier to slide inside and by now it was hitting her g-spot. More and more moans left her as she pushed the button one more time and once more the machine pushed the dildo deeper into her tight hole. She could feel her pussy hug the toy like it never would let go again just to be pulled out and pushed deeper again with greater speed, hitting her most sensitive spots almost every time. Sweat had started to form on Miriam’s forehead due to the experience of pleasure her body wasn’t used to. Her hands fondling her full chest and playing with the little pink knobs. Her body arched into the machine almost begging for it to make her cum, to make her reach orgasm as her moans grew louder, and with another push of the remote button the machine reached another speed.

It was hard on Miriam now. The feeling of deep penetration and hitting of all her nice spots at almost every go made her lose her mind and even she couldn’t hold back anymore as she leaned into the dildo, letting it hit the far back of her tight hugging pussy as she totally let loose. Moans, gasps, and squirms were all that filled the room, the air already smelling like sex, the scented candles not helping at this point of horniness. Then there it was. Fireworks formed and exploded in Miriam’s pussy spreading through her whole body. The tingling and almost burning tension that revealed itself into something no woman can put words on. An orgasm that the slim girl never had before ran through every vein and made her pussy throb. She searched for the remote and once she found it, she turned her new friend off, removing her throbbing and wet pussy from the dildo, and lay panting in the covers. She had found her new favorite thing to do, that was for sure, this incredible toy was worth every dime and she would not regret it.

Several sessions like this followed. Always with enough lube and lust to fill the room with moans as her tight craving pussy got penetrated without strings attached.

She needed a name for new new unselfish lover?!

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