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Perks of being a wallflower part 2. (F/F)

Updated: May 30, 2023

2 Lesbians enjoy erotic times and sexual exploration.

The evening had already broken down my barriers that I had been putting up throughout this relationship. The things I thought I wasn’t ready to do yet suddenly felt normal, and I was ready to continue to explore. Alex was on top of me, kissing me roughly our tongues dancing with each other, her hands rubbing through my still dripping wet slit. I couldn’t hold back my moans as my sensitive clit begged to get touched more. I think Alex noticed and pulled away leaving me wanting more.

She looked at me with a sly grin and asked “Don’t you think it’s time that I get spoiled a little too?”

I manage to get out the words “Ahh sure”. In a matter of seconds she was naked laying in the corner of the couch, legs spread or using me a clear view of her pussy. It was beautiful, Her lips were glistening with her juices. I wanted to wet my lips on hers.

I was trying to remember everything I had seen in the porn I had been watching. I placed gentle kisses along her thighs, making my way towards her pussy. I didn’t want to rush, I wanted to tease her and make her beg for more. It was at the moment she spoke up again

“Hun, please I can’t wait anymore, please make love to me” and it made me want to devour her.

I heard her breath catch as I kissed her lips and felt the moistness of her juices on my lips and couldn’t resist lapping up more. Now that I had a taste, I wanted more. I buried my head between her legs and let my tongue slide through her wet slit. As my nervousness dissipated, followed my instincts and knew I was doing something right when I heard a low growl escape her. My tongue was playing with her wet lips, sliding in and out. When I got to her swollen pearl I flicked my tongue across the tasty surface making her moan. I continued to flick and suck on it. I wanted to hear more of her moans, knowing that I was the one bringing her pleasure.

While continuing to pleasure her I licked my finger before I gently slid it inside her. I could hear her moan and slightly arch her back, which was my cue to add another finger. Feeling more confident now I found the squishy spot and gently started to move my fingers in a come here motion. She grabbed my hair and moved her hips in time with me. Making me lick and finger her more roughly, but nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. As I focused on licking her whole slit up and down with gentle kisses on her clit she came, there was no warning, no signal nothing other than juices squirting onto my face. I let her ride out her orgasm before I pulled away and asked

“ Did you just … know squirt?”

“Maybe” she said with a smile after she had regained her breath and handed me her shirt to wipe her juices from my face.

She pushed me pack, climbing on top of me and said “now it’s your turn” in a teasing tone. Her on top of me. She took the shirt from me and gave me a kiss before standing up and walking over to the black box pulling out a small strap-on and lube. I should have been nervous but with her I wasn’t.

“Do want me to take your virginity?” she asked as she got dressed in the strap-on and lubed it up.

“Yes” I say simply ready for her to pierce my most private parts, I want it to be her. She lines up with my entrance before leaning down and kissing me again I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her close. She used that moment to gently enter me. But although she was gentle and careful, I could still feel my hymen break and her getting deeper and deeper, which caused me to whine slightly.

“Shh it’s okay it will only hurt for a moment, ok? Then it will be pure pleasure”

She said, and I nodded. It took me a while to get used to the hard thing inside of me, but Alex was so loving, she moved slightly, but not before I was ready. Eventually, she started slowly thrusting again, reaching deep inside me, making me feel things I hadn’t before. Shit, this was amazing, I started moaning only seconds later and my breath sped up. I felt her hit deep inside of me again and it made me arch my back, wanting to take in more, I wanted to take in everything.

“Please, faster harder”

I tried to say between moans and she did, pushing hard and roughly into my insides my pussy not being able to handle this kind of stimulation anymore and just like that I came. I came hard moaning loudly as my body shivered and I could feel something wet running down my ass cheeks. I knew this orgasm made me feel different, it was so much better, the tingles and fireworks were going wild…is this how squirting feels? Alex pulled away and kissed my head lovingly after I calmed down. At that point, I was fully exhausted.

“Congrats my love, you lost your virginity and got your first squirtgasm”

She said giggling and at that point, I giggled too. While Alex undressed from the strap-on I walked to the bathroom where she joined me in the shower and then to cuddle in bed. This was an amazing day and an unbelievable experience, surely this won’t be the last time.

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Sebastien Seb
Sebastien Seb
May 24, 2023 love to taste am make you feel.the best till your shacking for more best momment of your evenning and want to feel more good time

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