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Perks of being a wallflower (FF)

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I have been dating Alex for a little while, she is flirty and spontaneous while I am more of a wallflower. They say opposites attract, right? We were about 6 months into the relationship and hadn’t been intimate yet. Alex was giving off signals that she was ready to take that next step but I was still nervous and fearful as I was still a virgin. We have kissed and did some light petting but never more than that and always still clothed.

We were now about 8 months in and I felt ready. It was a beautiful evening and we could see the sunset from the sofa of my apartment window. we were watching a romantic movie and started kissing. Our tongues were tangled and I could taste the wine on her lips. Her hands started to wander, first I felt them resting on my waist and then slowly rubbing up and down my back through the fabric of my t-shirt. Her fingers were so gentle almost tickling me, it sent a shiver through me and covered me in goosebumps. Before I knew it she had made her way under my protective piece of fabric, touching my bare skin. This time I didn’t pull away like I had in the past. I wanted her.

blonde naked on the ground with a flower pot in front of her while she covers her face

I decided to follow her lead, slowly sliding my hand under her shirt and gently running it up and down her waist I could feel her body tense slightly. I question myself, suddenly unsure if she is enjoying it. Then I feel her kiss me deeper and I understand that she was just surprised because I usually stopped at this point and the next thing I knew she pushed onto the couch and was on top of me. I looked up at her and could see the lust in her eyes. Alex was breathing heavy, looking down at me and whispered, I can’t hold back anymore, I want you.

Barely able to speak, I managed to get out the words, then don’t wait.

She didn’t hesitate and moved her hands once more under the fabric of my shirt, lifting it over my head, leaving me in just my bra. She then took off her shirt as well and for the first time I had a perfect view of her full chest with cute little nipples. I leaned forward and let my tongue play with the little metal balls of her nipple piercing. I heard a moan escape her lips. I could feel her hands on my back and soon felt my bra left loose and my breasts fall free, feeling the chill in the evening air. She looked down at me still sucking on her nipples as her hand made it’s way between my legs and under the only piece of clothing that was left between us and soon found my clit. She started to massage it in slow circular motions. Her nipple slipped out of my mouth as my body shivered with pleasure, from the sensation of someone touching me in a way I don’t often touch myself.

I looked up at her through half-closed eyes and I could see a sly smile forming on her lips knowing what she was doing to me. She increased the intensity and pressure of her movements and slid her fingers inside me. I could feel her warm breath on my ear as she whispered,

"Cum for me!"

My body started to spasm as the orgasm ripped through me. It was an amazing new feeling, the explosion I felt through my whole body, sent tingles through me. As the orgasm subsided she looked at me and said we are not done yet. Don’t worry, I will be gentle she said in a teasing tone before she got off of me and ran into the bedroom. When she returned in her hand was a strap on and in the other hand a little box. We will have fun my little kitten, but don’t worry first I will make you purr some more.”

Her words made me both horny and nervous as to what was coming next. She put the box and strap on down on the living room table, before she got between my legs to remove my panties which were now in the way. I could feel her breath hitting my exposed pussy lips, as her tongue licked through my slit. The new sensation gave me butterflies with every flick of her tongue. She focused on my clit, flicking faster she added a finger and then another. Pushing them gently inside me at first. I wanted more and to have that release again. I was moaning her name, telling her that she needed to go faster. Her fingers moved harder and faster inside of me while her licking became more aggressive. I was losing my mind thoughts passing by but not being able to grasp one of them. Then there it was again the shivering and tensing that I couldn’t control in my body as it spread through me taking over my body. A loud moan was all I could manage as Alex sucked up my juices and once the spasms had calmed down she pulled away smiling.

“Good little kitten,”

she said chuckling and I chuckled too and gave her a playful purr. I was ready and suddenly excited for what the lay ahead for the rest of the evening as she reached over and opened the box on the table revealing a varied assortment of sex toys.


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