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A hand with Cumming..(A Sex Fantasy)

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Erotic Sex Fantasies Abound at a Sexually Charged Meeting at the library

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It was early evening, Marisol was at the library to relax and read, she was looking for a more private room in case she got really comfortable and might fall asleep..

She found an area at the back of the library, the shelves were many and filled with lots of books surrounding a group of tables with a dim lamp, a man was there reading...

The man looked about her age, Marisol thought as she walked by him to sit at the other side of the tables. She sat down and looked at him some more, hoping he didnt notice...his hair was dark, clean and his eye color was deep and dark like the night sky.

Marisol got herself comfortable, feeling relaxed, and started to read. She started to feel more relaxed and glanced over at the man, she noticed his hands..nails short and clean, very masculine looking. Marisol began to feel her clit throb for a moment and she went back to reading...

She closed her eyes...

The man looked at her from across the table looking into her eyes, she felt warm and her pussy started to get hot needing sex. The man got up from his seat and slowly but surely walked behind Marisol's seat and said that he's noticed her at the library before.

"I would really like to get to know You more, would You like to join me? " the man said. She nodded yes. He took her by the hand..

They left the library and go to his place. When they get there, Marisol asks if he could fill a big bowl with warm water, bring soap, so he does. Marisol undresses and is wearing a soft blue g string, she unhooks her bra and releases her big breasts.

Marisol and the man are across from each other at his table. She puts his hands in the bowls and rubs soap on his hands...

She strokes his fingers like she's stroking his cock, he looks at her with excitement. She continues to stroke his fingers and rub his hands in the water. She then gets up from the table and walks behind the man.

She starts to massage his neck and shoulders, he is more relaxed and moans in pleasure. She squeezes her tits into the back of his head, her clit is throbbing and g-string is very wet. Marisol starts to kiss his ears, the man turns to her and grabs her tits, he cant take it anymore, his cock is beyond hard, its throbbing, he is breathing horny, he starts to lick her nipples.

Marisol tells him "I want to see your hands!"

His hands pinch on her nipples and holds each of her breasts as he sucks and licks her.

The man takes Marisol by the hand to his room, he undresses and she sees a veiny thick cock, dripping with juices. They move to his bed.. Their tongues are in each other mouths, he tastes yummy. Minty, soft tongue, his hands are on her face and moves them near her mouth. Marisol puts his fingers in her mouth and begins to suck on them like a blow job, she looks deep into his eyes.

He gently lays her on her back, and she tells him

"Your hands are so sexy, finger fuck me!"

Her clit is hard and throbbing, theres lots of juices. His hands move down to her pussy, and he is excited with pleasure to find how wet and tight she feels

He slides 1 finger, then another, she gasps


He slides in another ....she moans in pleasure.

He gently spreads her legs apart, his hands on her thighs, his cock enters her, he looks deeply into her eyes, he thrusts gentle and slow and she moans.

His thrusts are going a bit faster while he holds her hips, in and out he thrusts and she moans. He gently turns her over, and gently arches her back, and holds her hips.

He enters her and his thrusts are slow and increasing..


she moans. His thrust is harder and faster now, her moans are more intense.

"Spread me!"

She tells the man, he spreads her and watches his cock in and out of her tight wet hole..

"More?" He asks..
"Yes!" She moans.

He thrusts some more and they're both moaning, his cock explodes in cum and her pussy tightens and grabs his cock, it feels so tight.

The break apart and lay back down. They are breathing heavy, bodies shaking in ecstasy. Marisol hears someone saying..

"Hello?" " Hello? Are You okay? The library is closing.."

Marisol opens her eyes and realizes that she fell asleep at the library. She sees its the man from across the table..He smirks at her and says..

"I thought to check if You were ok, do You go here often, because You look familiar.."

Marisol nods her head and then smiles at him thinking about the wet dream she just had..

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