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The House Call (MM)

Updated: May 30, 2023

Hot erotic times between two males while performing a routine checkup.

Flynn brushed his dirty-blonde hair out of his eyes, knocking nervously on the heavy wooden door as he trembled with excitement as he thought back to what had brought him here.

It was typical for college aged boys to get a physical prior to school. It was supposed to be an ordinary doctor's appointment, or at least it was until his doctor mentioned wanting to do a routine prostate exam. It wasn't his fault that the doctor was the very picture perfect image of a huge, powerful, muscley Daddy. It wasn't his fault that his huge fingers had worked their way so perfectly into his desperately hungry hole, and his cock had responded in kind. Fuck…why did he have to have such a weakness for older, massive, hung daddy types? He could practically feel his arousal as the doctor had fingered his eager hole, and when his receipt for the day had the doctor's phone number on it, he knew exactly what the older man wanted.

A few texts later, and here he was.

"Door's unlocked!" boomed Dr. Wells's voice from inside.

Flynn opened the door, the boy's hand nearly trembling with excitement as he let himself into the doctor's home.

What awaited him on the other side of the door made his mouth open and his eyes go wide.

Dr. Wells sat, his legs spread, cigar in hand, without a shred of clothing on. His enormous, wrist-thick cock hung heavy against his thighs, with both massive balls draped over the side of the couch cushion. There was a musk of powerful masculine pheromones in the air as the man spoke.

"Welcome Flynn," he said with a grin, chewing on the end of his stogie. "I'm glad you could come in for your follow-up appointment. Strip off those clothes, and let me refresh myself on the particulars of your last visit."

Flynn's heart raced as he approached the doctor, pulling off his shirt and shorts as the huge mountain of a man beckoned him over to his lap. As the toned, flexible boy lay across the powerful older male's thighs, he bent forward, pushing his ass high in the air and arching his back, giving him a perfect view of everything he had to offer.

Dr. Wells took a puff of his cigar, gripping each fat globe of assflesh in his massive palms as he licked his lips.

"Oh yes, I remember now. It's all so clear. I wanted to do a more thorough examination with a special instrument designed just for a job like this."

Without warning, he scooped Flynn up in his arms before lying down face up on the couch. With a groan of masculine lust, he buried his face in between Flynn's cheeks, lapping hungrily at his hole as the smaller boy began to instinctively grind himself down on the older tiger's mouth. Flynn felt his eyes roll back as he pressed eagerly against the man's mouth, his tongue probing and pressing into the boy's pretty puckered hole as he worked his hips, his body desperately begging the older man to take him like he needed.

When Dr. Wells had had his fill, he gripped Flynn by his hips, spinning him around so that his huge slab of meat was right in the younger man's face as they engaged in a 69 position. In seconds the boy's tongue was out, encircling the man's shaft before taking as much of it into his throat as he could manage. His hands cupped the doctor's massive balls, massaging and encouraging them to churn up that huge load of cum he craved so much as he began to gag on a slab of beef that was far too large for his struggling throat. He eventually moved down to those enormous nuts, slurping one weighty orb after the other into his mouth. He panted greedily, letting them pull from his mouth with an audible pop before moving to back to the other.

The doctor groaned as Flynn worshipped his cock, leaning himself up and continuing to eat his perfect puckered asshole.

"That's it boy, just like that. Get that cock ready for your hole."

The man's voice was becoming more guttural, more growly, and more aggressive. The lust was building in him, and it was only a matter of time before he would need to take what he wanted. When he couldn't stand it any longer, he stood up, gripping Flynn by his long, well-groomed hair, and dragging him to the bedroom.

He tossed Flynn to the mattress, face down, his ass up I'm the air and presented to his new Daddy. With a growl of satisfaction, he positioned himself behind him, his heavy, thick fingers beginning to tease his little hole as he opened him up.

Flynn gasped as he felt his precious little pucker begin to obey, the little portal already beginning to loosen and stretch, ready for the cock that he knew dwarfed anything he'd ever seen on any man. His excitement was matched only by his fear of how on earth he would take such a massive beast.

"Thaaaat's it boy. Open up for me. Perfect. Fucking beautiful."

Dr. Wells leaned over, spitting directly into his open hole before finally gripping his rock hard cock by the base, and positioning it at his slut's entrance. He rubbed the head up and down, savoring the heat and wetness of his new fuck-toy before finally beginning to push himself deep into Flynn's tight little boy-pussy.

Flynn's eyes went wide as he felt himself streeeetch around that massive cock, his pretty little hole expanding to its limit as that massive slab of man-meat pressed through that tight little ring and into his velvety, fuckable depths.

"Oh fuck…oh my god. Oh YES. Fuck that pretty hole! Make me your little whore!"

The muscle-daddy grunted, his hips beginning to rock back and forth as his thighs made impact with Flynn's backside. Shockwaves from each powerful, hammering thrust sent ripples through Flynn's gorgeously rounded ass meat, and the two males quickly descended into a frenzy of sweaty, ball-slapping, ass bouncing, hole-gaping sex.

With a firm grip, The older man pulled back on Flynn's hair again, this time pulling him up as they traded places, the good doctor lying on his back once again before gesturing with a look of pure primal lust to his huge cock. Without needing to be told, Flynn lowered his hole to it, letting that massive meat nearly split him in two as his hole swallowed every inch of him, right down to his balls.

The powerful Daddy began to pump his hips, knocking Flynn forward onto his enormous chest as his cock pistoned in and out of his boy-slut's hole. Almost instinctively, Flynn took one of of his nipples in his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his tongue as he moaned into his pectoral with every punishing thrust to his asshole.

Flynn's cock was rock hard as he felt that fuck-pole gliding deliciously against his prostate, each thrust sending thick, viscous drops of precum leaking to the bedsheets. He could tell the doctor was close - his breath was becoming more frantic and labored, and he could hear the urgency ratcheting up more and more with each plunge into his pretty little hole.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me your slut! Pound that tight asshole! Ruin that precious little anus and fill me with your load!"

He took his nipple back into his mouth, throwing both of his hands forward in total surrender as he let the older male use him like the little college sex toy he was.

"Oh fuck. Yes. YES. YESSSS!" Roared Dr. Wells, gripping Flynn's hips possessively. With another grunt, rope after rope of cum began to pump into the boy's tight fuckhole, overflowing his depths and spilling out onto his pelvis with each thrust. His balls contracted, emptying completely, utterly packed with that massive load of cum.

Flynn should have been exhausted. He should have been utterly spent. Instead, all he could think about was how desperately he wanted to return the favor to his new favorite doctor.

He pulled himself off of his still-throbbing slab of cockmeat, cum leaking from his asshole as he positioned himself between the man's massive thighs, grabbing them by his ankles as he bent them up and over, exposing his tight, masculine asshole. He spat down on that hole, just as had been done to him, and without warning, began to push his sizable cock into his partner's unsuspecting ass.

"Oh…FUCK…" moaned the doctor his head thrown back in pure homosexual bliss. "Yesssss, milk those last drops out of my prostate. Fuck that hole!"

Flynn didn't need to be told twice.

His hips began to pump into overdrive, his cock plunging in and out as his balls slapped violently against the older male's taint. He could feel the pleasure building…building…radiating stronger and stronger from his cock as he pounded the man's fuck-hole.

Finally, he couldn't hold back any longer, and let our a series of uncontrollable grunts as his orgasm approached.


His balls contracted, and he returned the favor directly into Dr. Wells, load after load of molten-hot cum pumping endlessly into the tiger's rectum, filling him up until it dripped from his asshole like honey as the two men collapsed on top of each other.

"So…" Dr. Wells smiled, licking his lips. "I think you may need regular checkups to ensure your anal health is always in tip top condition. Same time next week?"

Flynn could only laugh in his afterglow.

"Oh yes Doctor. I can't wait for my next appointment!"

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