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The Boxer (M/M)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Shane was fresh out of a long term relationship and working on himself. He wanted to show his ex what they were missing so he enrolled in boxing lessons at his local gym. The classes were usually in a group but Shane had been receiving a bit of extra attention as of late. His boxing coach would tell him to stick around for another hour or so, free of charge. The coach “saw something in him”.

On this particular day, Shane was being pushed to his limits. Coach had him hitting multiple combos with little rest in between.

“Again,” demanded the coach.

Shane took a deep breath in and hit the combos again. This time, he missed the last target and smoked his coach right in the mouth. He dropped to the floor.

Concerned, Shane asked “How many fingers am I holding up?”

“As many as I’m gonna shove up your ass to make up for that cheap shot,” Coach replied snarkily.

Shane was taken by surprise and asked the coach if he was feeling ok. Maybe he was concussed.

“I’d feel a lot better if we weren’t boxing right now, but doing something else. Why do you think I keep you here after hours all the time? To punch me in the face?

Shane helped him up from the floor. He pulled hard enough so that the two were face to face. They stood there for a while, silent and starring at each other. Their hands still gripped together as the tension was building up. All of a sudden, they started to kiss. It was sloppy and wet, but so hot. Coach grabbed Shane’s ass and pulled him closer. Then he ripped Shane’s shirt at the chest, exposing big round pecs and pink perky nipples. He continued to rip the shirt clean off, revealing Shane’s swollen abs. Sweat shined on Shane’s muscular body as he returned fire and ripped Coach’s shirt off. Coach’s curly chest hair covered his large chest and torso. It ran all the way down to his waistline, where Shane quickly turned his attention.

He pulled down Coach’s shorts, causing his big black cock to spring out. Shane grabbed it and tugged it while the kissing continued. Soon Shane began to kiss Coach’s neck, then chest, then abs, then pubic area, then the head of his rock hard unit. He licked precum from the tip before he started to suck him off. Saliva spilled from the sides of his mouth as Coach’s dick progressed down his throat. Deeper and deeper until Shane had to come up for air.

Next, Coach grabbed a stool and set it up in the corner of the ring. He sat down, spit on his dick, stroked it and invited Shane to take a seat. Shane climbed onto the stool and turned around so his back was facing his horny lover. He used it to brace his feet as he lowered himself into a squat. He soon felt Coach’s tip poke his ass. He continued to lower himself, stretching his tight hole over Coach’s throbbing cock. He rode up and down, going balls deep each time.

Coach wrapped his arms around Shane’s sweaty body as he continued to fuck him hard. Shane moaned and grimaced as the pleasurable pain of Coach’s big dick was becoming too much. He began to stroke his own hard dick until it shot ropes of warm jizz onto the ring canvas below. As Shane was cumming, his ass puckered around Coach’s dick. Coach grabbed Shane’s hips as he completed the final few strokes before finishing inside Shane. Shane slowly got up, spilling Coach’s impressive load back onto his pulsating pecker.

“You’re an even better bottom than you are a boxer.”

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