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Gym Buddies (M/M)

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Sam and Mack just crushed a workout at the gym together. Sweat still dripping from their huge muscles, they enter the change room.

muscular guy working out

S: “You want to come over to watch the game? The wife is out of town and I could use the company.”

M: “Ya sure, I have nothing going on. Just let me hit the showers.”

S: “You can shower at my place during intermission. The game starts right away.”

They pack up their bags and head back to Sam's apartment.

S: “Flip the game on and I’ll grab us some beers.”

M: “Where’s the remote?”

S: “It’s under the tv here.” Sam walks over to the tv and bends over to get the remote from the stand, accidentally revealing a glimpse of what he’s wearing under his gym shorts.

M: “What the hell are you wearing?”

S: “Oh it’s just some fancy underwear.” He says as he tries to brush it off.

M: “That’s not regular underwear, half of it is missing! Come on, what are you wearing?”

Sam shyly confesses he’s wearing a jockstrap. It helps support his package while he works out.

M: “What’s it look like? Let me see.”

Sam unties his shorts and slowly slides them down to his ankles.

S: “There, you happy? It’s not weird, it’s comfortable.”

M: “Spin around, let me see how it fits.”

Sam does a 360 turn for Mack, exposing his perfectly round ass in the jockstrap. The squats have been paying off.

M: “Damn bro, if I didn’t know that was your ass I’d be all over it. Can I touch it?”

S: “No way.”

M: “Come on, it would be the most action I’ve gotten in months. Just a touch”

S: “Fine,” he says as Mack gently touches his ass. The touch turns into a squeeze.

M: “You got a great ass, man.”

S: “Ya, you seem to be enjoying it,” he says as he points towards Mack’s bulging gym shorts.

M: “I guess it’s my turn to show you something,” he says as he rips his shorts down to the floor. Sam may have been wearing a jockstrap, but Mack was not wearing any underwear at all.

Sam stares in amazement at Mack’s throbbing 8 inch cock. Veins popping along the shaft.

M: “What do you say we do another workout?”

Mack is sitting on the couch with his dick sticking straight up, hard as a rock. Sam sits beside him, never losing his gaze of Mack’s dick. Mack takes his shirt off and throws it across the room. “Won’t be needing that.”

Sam follows suit and throws his shirt on the floor. His nipples are hard with excitement on his perfect pecs. He starts to touch his growing cock underneath his jockstrap.

M: “Let’s get that off of you and see if your rod is as nice as your ass.”

Mack slides the jockstrap off Sam, causing his erect penis to thud against his stomach.

M: “What a handful,” he says as he grabs Sam’s dick.

Sam throws his head back in disbelief and pleasure. He didn’t think he’d be hooking up with his gym buddy while his wife was out of town. But here he was, getting his smooth dick serviced by a hairy muscle bull.

M: “Feels good doesn’t it? Wait until I use my mouth.”

Mack wraps his lips around the head Sam’s dick. He sucks briefly before circling the tip with his tongue.

Sam grabs a handful of hair on the back of Mack’s head. Mack has no shortage of hair all over his body, but it doesn’t hide the pure size of his unit. Sam reaches over with his other hand and slowly starts to stroke the big dick while Mack takes him deeper and deeper in his mouth.

Precum leaks from Mack’s dick as he gags on Sam. He took the whole thing down his throat but he is far from finished. The sucking speeds up and intensifies. Sam matches the speed while stroking Mack. Things are getting hot and heavy.

Mack pulls his face off his friend’s dick with strings of spit still connecting the two.

M: “You taste so good,” he says before returning to sucking. Sam squirms with pleasure and releases Mack’s dick from his grasp. He can’t focus on anything besides blowing his load.

S: “I’m gonna cum!”

Mack blatantly ignores him and keeps sucking, with more and more intensity. His mouth going up and down his friends modest shaft.

Sam digs his nails into Mack’s head as he releases his pent up load. Mack holds Sam’s dick in his mouth for several seconds while it pulsates and releases sweet, warm cum.

Mack finally comes up for air with a mouthful of jizz.

M: “That’s so much better than a beer,” he says after swallowing all of Sam’s cum.

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