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10 Things Other Than Your Hand for Male Masturbation

guy masturbating with laptop in hand
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Jerking off, jacking off, whacking off, choking the chicken, and rubbing one out. There's many different names for male masturbation. There's also many different adult toys that can help you get off. Here's 10 of them that Mommys Toy Shop can bring right to your door!

Tenga Egg

Simply lube up, stretch the masturbation sleeve over your unit and pleasure yourself like you normally would. The inner details of the Tenga Egg make for special sensations you've never experienced before.

Prostate Stimulator

The P-Spot is not a myth. Find out for yourself with Dr. Joel Ultimate Prostate Stimulator. Easy to use and designed for comfortable stimulation. Great for butt play beginners.

Cock Ring Plug

Simple, but very sexy. The AFC - Ass-Gasm Cock Ring Plug stimulates your prostate while keeping your boner rock hard. I mean "veins sticking out" hard. This double whammy is sure to give you an explosive orgasm!

Vibrating Anal Plug

A step up from a regular butt plug, vibrations will tickle and tease the prostate for added pleasure while you play with your penis. The Male Anal Vibrator has 10 patterns to keep things new and exciting every time. Put down the TV remote and pick up the plug remote to cycle through the speeds for up to 80 minutes on a full charge.


You don't even need your hands for this one. If you hit the P-spot just right, you can ride your way to a handsfree orgasm. Mommys Toy Shop has a huge variety of dildos to choose from. Some even have personalities like the Loverboy collection, for added fantasy affect. Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Or catch some waves with a surfer dude!


You're still using your hand, but the nubs and ridges of a stroker feel a whole lot better than your calluses. Each stroker has unique textures to make your nut more intense. For the Soft&Wet, just add water!


Fulfill your fantasy of fucking a cheerleader from behind with the Cutiepies Cheerleader Cherry Masturbator. Brand new to Mommy's Toy Shop! Similar to a stroker, with a more lifelike feel and extra hole to explore.

Higher End Masturbator

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential takes things to the next level. This powerful masturbator does all the work for you - including getting a boner to begin with. Put it on your flaccid cock and it'll get you hard in no time. Your pulse will be racing while you enjoy the vibrations.

Blowjob Machine

Instead of your hand moving up and down your dick, the Autoblow 2+ XT feels like a mouth. You can plug it into any electrical outlet for a handsfree experience. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy some head!


Your hands are better served grabbing a handful of boob while you thrust away inside of a lifelike ass or pussy. Put her in any position and cum wherever you want. Who said you have to masturbate alone? Jessica would love to join you!

If anything on this list has sparked your curiosity, don't wait! Mommy's Toy Shop offers discreet delivery in Edmonton in only an hour! Check out the Men's section for more masturbation methods.

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